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WHO Beccon is a one-man-band - and is run by long-time SF fan Roger Robinson, who gratefully acknowledges assistance from friends and family over the years as the need has arisen.
WHEN The first Beccon publication (a bibliography of Barrington J Bayley) was issued in August 1981. Since then more than 50 booklets &/or books have been produced.
WHY The name "Beccon" was given to a series of SF conventions in the 1980s - and initially stood for "Basildon, Essex Crest Convention" after the hotel in which the conventions were held in 1981, 1983 & 1985 - and several early publications related to these conventions. Subsequently the name was taken over by one of the convention committee members, Roger Robinson, for his fledgling small press.

An interview with the publisher appeared in Emerald City #114 (Feb 2005)


JUN 2022 Beccon Publications has now published its last book.
All books noted as still in print will continue to be available from this site.
JUN 2022
Sticking to the End is John Clute's latest collection of reviews and other pieces.
APR 2019 A chapbook, in the style of a CD booklet, written by Geoff Ryman and illustrated by Judith Clute - Judith Clute's Tantalizing 37th Album - was produced to accompany Judith's 37th exhibition in May 2019.
FEB 2015 Two Beccon books - Stay by John Clute and Call and Response by Paul Kincaid - were included in Locus Magazine's Recommended Reading list of 2014 Non-Fiction books. Additionally Call and Response was included on the shortlist for the BSFA Award for Non-Fiction.
AUG 2014 Stay - a collection of reviews and fiction by John Clute - including a reprint of The Darkening Garden - was published at Loncon3 (the 2014 World SF Convention) where the author was one of the Guests of Honour.
AUG 2014 A new filk book, Pick-a-Ditty Circle, was launched at Loncon3 (the 2014 World SF Convention).
APR 2014 Call and Response - a second collection of articles and reviews by Paul Kincaid was published at Easter 2014.
JUN 2013 A bibliography of Naomi Mitchison was launched. An early draft was available on this site as a PDF. The work to bring this up to date & convert it to a fully cross-referenced HTML version is now complete. Access to this is free, but donations to Science Fiction Foundation will be welcomed.
FEB 2013 A new filk book, Quartertome, was launched at QuarterTone - the 25th Annual British Filk Convention.
MAY 2011 Pardon This Intrusion - a volume of essays and introductions by John Clute - was published to coincide with the opening of the British Library Exhibition Out of This World.
APR 2011 Gary Wolfe's book, Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001 has been shortlisted for the 2011 Hugo Award in the Related Work category.
This is the fifth successive Beccon critical work to be so nominated - following
       Canary Fever: Reviews by John Clute,
       What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction by Paul Kincaid,
       Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 by Gary K Wolfe
       and Scores: Reviews 1993-2003 by John Clute.
APR 2011 The third volume of Gary K Wolfe's collected Locus reviews - Sightings: Reviews 2002-2006 - was launched at Illustrious, the 2011 Eastercon.
APR 2011 Paul Kincaid's book What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction is now officially out of print - although some book dealers may still have copies. However, a pdf version of the book is available at a much reduced price.
FEB 2009 A new filk book On the Filk Road was launched at the 21st British Filkcon (aXXIdental) in Grantham.
MAY 2007 Website established.
APR 2006 Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol by Elizabeth Hand was launched at the British National SF convention in Glasgow.
APR 2006 Soundings: Reviews 1992-1996 by Gary K Wolfe WON the British Science Fiction Association award for best non-fiction book published in Britain in 2005.


Graham Joyce's collection Black Dust was published in collaboration with Westwood St Thomas School - which is twinned with a school in South Africa. All the proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to establish bursaries for students at the Nqabakazulu School, near Durban. This will enable students from that school to start their University education.
TALKING BOOKS Several Beccon publications - including all three Drabble books - were published specifically to raise money for the Royal National Institute for the Blind's "Talking Book" charity.
A donation from the sale of each copy of (Re)commended Science Fiction is given to The Science Fiction Foundation (Registered Charity 1041052).
The Naomi Mitchison bibliography on this site is available free to all users, but donations to The Science Fiction Foundation are sought from people who find the bibliography useful.
FILK FUND Profits from many of the filk books are donated to the Filk Fund - which was set up to help defray the costs of bringing foreign guests to British filk conventions
FAMINE RELIEF Sales of the first printing of The Beccon Plays enabled a donation to be made to African Famine Relief.


STREET ADDRESS 75 Rosslyn Ave, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0RG, U.K.
EMAIL ADDRESS books@beccon.org


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  • For non-UK addresses, or when ordering more than one item, p&p will be charged "at cost" - please contact Beccon with details of your order & I will let you know the total p&p.

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    If this causes problems then Beccon Publications can be bought from good specialist SF dealers - or through Amazon. UK online booksellers who can accept credit cards etc include -
          - Brian Ameringen (Porcupine Books)
          - Andy Richards (Cold Tonnage Books)

  • UKŁ cheques should be made payable to "BECCON PUBLICATIONS"
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