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Shortlisted for the 2010 Hugo Award
for Best Related Work of 2009.

Shortlisted for the BSFA Award
for Best Non-fiction Work of 2009.
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"To read this compendium of recent reviews is to dive into the the stream of contemporary science fiction and fantasy and to hear the voice of a clear-headed, passionately well-read guide to the inferno : it is to hear the voice of John Clute. "
Henry Wessells -

Canary Fever is a collection of reviews about the most significant literatures of the twenty-first century: science fiction, fantasy and horror: the literatures Clute argues should be recognized as the central modes of fantastika in our times. The title refers to the canary in the coal mine, who whiffs gas and dies to save miners; reviewers of fantastika can find themselves in a similar position, though words can only hurt us.

This is the fourth such collection by John Clute. Several older pieces are included here, though the great bulk of the book - over 200,000 words - was first published between 2003 and 2008. Every review has been edited. Errors and incoherencies have been removed when possible. The original versions of some reviews - in particular those written in the past year or so - have been treated as first drafts, and have been brought into final form.
One piece, on John B Watson and Behaviorism, is previously unpublished.

120 review articles, over 150 books discussed in more than 225,000 words.

John Clute was born in 1940 in Canada, and was raised there. Beginning in his late teens he lived for several years in the United States, which he continues to visit; since 1969 he has lived in London, England. He has published two novels as well as encyclopedias, several volumes of essays and reviews, and several anthologies, most of the latter co-edited. The Darkening Garden: a Short Lexicon of Horror (2006) is a collection of short essays disguised as encyclopedia entries. He began to review science fiction in the early 1960s, and for his critical work in particular was given a Readercon Award in 1989, a Pilgrim Award in 1994, and the ICFA Distinguished Guest Scholar Award in 1999.

440 pages - 233mm x 150mm - Publication date 10 April 2009.

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Contents list for CANARY FEVER

A Note on Fantastika
Note on text

Wake Up. Enter the Tale
Little, Big - by John Crowley
"There is Another Story of the World"
Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land - by John Crowley
Ægypt Quartet 1: Portal
Ægypt - by John Crowley
Ægypt Quartet 2: Portage
Love & Sleep - by John Crowley
Ægypt Quartet 3: Pas de Tout
Dæmonomania - by John Crowley
Ægypt Quartet 4: Passage
Endless Things: A Part of Ægypt - by John Crowley

No Escape
The Laughter of Carthage - by Michael Moorcock
Closing Times
Jerusalem Commands - by Michael Moorcock
Swindler's Ark
The Vengeance of Rome - by Michael Moorcock

--- OLDER REVIEWS 1988-1999 ---
How to Address a Gaia
Unquenchable Fire - by Rachel Pollack
Hell in Space
Eden - by Stanislaw Lem
Dithyrambics Up To Here
The Ice-Shirt - by William T Vollmann
Mortmain Reborn
The Sea's Furthest End - by Damien Broderick
World Machine Weather
Heavy Weather - by Bruce Sterling
Speech Axe
The Wurd - by Chris Wilson
The Silent - by Jack Dann
Be Very Afraid
Behaviorism - by John B Watson

--- REVIEWS 2003-2008 ---
Pharaoh Years
The Light Ages - by Ian R MacLeod
Engine of Disquiet
Ring - by Koji Suzuki
A Same Old World Seen New
The City Trilogy - by Chang Hsi-Kuo
Iliad Arena
Ilium by Dan Simmons
Stress Design
Polystom - by Adam Roberts
Oryx and Crake - by Margaret Atwood
Singularity Aftermath-Country Yarn
Singularity Sky - by Charles Stross
Canon Rifle
Loose Canon - by Charles Platt
Memorial Fix
Budayeen Nights - by George Alec Effinger
The Unbearable Lightness of Been
Quicksilver - by Neal Stephenson
The System of the World - by Neal Stephenson
Trout Fishing in America
A Star Above It - by Chad Oliver
Far From This Earth - by Chad Oliver
Fludd Time
1610: a Sundial in a Grave - by Mary Gentle
Their Eyes, their Glittering Eyes
Changing Planes - by Ursula K Le Guin
Cigar-Box Faust; and Other Miniatures - by Michael Swanwick
Road RAH
For Us, the Living - by Robert A Heinlein
The Abyss of Consequence
White Devils - by Paul McAuley
Cough Before Singing
The Year of our War - by Steph Swainston
A Path Through Babel
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Wings of Stone
Beyond Infinity - by Gregory Benford
Now Code
The Zenith Angle - by Bruce Sterling
Taking Flight to Here
The Twentieth Century - by Albert Robida
Salt Lick
The Salt Roads - by Nalo Hopkinson
Fun With Rimbaud
One King, One Soldier - by Alexander A Irvine
The Illusion of Journey
Breathmoss and Other Exhalations - by Ian R MacLeod
The Decor of the Door
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - by Susanna Clarke
Labyrinth Sun
The Wizard Knight - by Gene Wolfe
Thunder of the Disappeared
Trujillo - by Lucius Shepard
Listen to Father
The Plot Against America - by Philip Roth
The Breaking of the Unspoken
The Final Solution: a Story in Detection by Michael Chabon
The Shredded God
lost boy lost girl - by Peter Straub
In the Night Room by Peter Straub
Perfect Pitch
Come Dance With Me - by Russell Hoban
Of its Bones Are Coral Made
Lurulu - by Jack Vance
The Gnarl Not Taken
The Mysteries - by Lisa Tuttle
A Face in the Carpet
The Carpet Makers - by Andreas Eschbach
Tightpurse, Loose Change, Wooden Nickel
Arabian Wine - by Gregory Feeley
Tokyo Cancelled - by Rana Dasgupta
In the Palace of Repose - by Holly Phillips
The Merchant Princes 1: the Family Trade - by Charles Stross
The Merchant Princes 2: the Hidden Family - by Charles Stross
Incipit Rising
Succession: The Risen Empire - by Scott Westerfeld
Succession: The Killing of Worlds - by Scott Westerfeld
Prometheus Emphysema
Vellum - by Hal Duncan
Before the Penny Dropped
Laughin' Boy - by Bradley Denton
Book Worlds
Magic for Beginners - by Kelly Link
Rocket Science - by Jay Lake
A Princess of Roumania - by Paul Park
The Hidden World - by Paul Park
A Payne in the Planet
The Healer - by Michael Blumlein
The Watch Within the Living
The Girl in the Glass - by Jeffrey Ford
Pratchett at 200 and a Wedge of China
Thud! - by Terry Pratchett
Looking for Jake - by China Miéville
"Edleigh Brackham, This is Your Lifes?"
Stark and the Star Kings - by Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Bracket
Cheer the Children
The Necessary Beggar - by Susan Palwick
Attention Fix
Jocasta: "Wife and Mother" - by Brian W Aldiss
Sanity and the Lady - by Brian W Aldiss
Cultural Breaks - by Brian W Aldiss
HARM - by Brian W Aldiss
--- REVIEWS 2003-2008 (cont)---
Die-Back Tango
The Narrows - by Alexander C Irvine
The Life of Riley - by Alexander C Irvine
Dear Abbey - by Terry Bisson
Greetings - by Terry Bisson
Numbers Don't Lie - by Terry Bisson
Serpent's Egg
The Begum's Millions - by Jules Verne
The MLA Ate my Homework
Christopher Priest: The Interaction ed. Andrew M Butler
Nail Your Sigil to the Wall
Counting Heads - by David Marusek
Getting to Know You: Stories - by David Marusek
Cell - by Stephen King
Starship: Mutiny - by Mike Resnik
The Cosmology of the Wider World - by Jeff Ford
Jackstraw Life
20th Century Ghosts - by Joe Hill
Conceptual Recognition
Genetopia - by Keith Brooke
Try and Catch Me - by Michael Cadnum
The Brief History of the Dead - by Kevin Brockmeier
Captain Buzz
In the Forest of Forgetting - by Theodora Goss
Traction City Bang Up
The Darkling Plain - by Philip Reeve
A Clanking of Motor Homunculi
Gradisil - by Adam Roberts
The History of Science Fiction - by Adam Roberts
Babylon Unbound
Babylon - by Richard Calder
Luck Talk
Streaking - by Brian Stableford
Penis Island
The Possibility of an Island - by Michel Houellebecq
Book of Deaths
James Tiptree, Jr: the Double Life of Alice B Sheldon - by Julie Phillips
Short Change, Long Changelings
The Last Days - by Scott Westerfeld
The Stolen Child - by Keith Donohue
Peril Peril Peril Inc
The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters - by Gordon Dahlquist
Nobodaddy Night
Three Days to Never - by Tim Powers
Short Bread
Threshold Shift - by Eric Brown
Missile Gap - by Charles Stross
A Soul in a Bottle - by Tim Powers
When They Came - by Don Webb
They Could Not Stand the Barking
Blindsight - by Peter Watts
The End of the Road
The Road - by Cormac McCarthy
Swing Sting
Nova Swing - by M John Harrison
Aubade, Poor Dad
Against the Day - by Thomas Pynchon
Poles of the Knowledge
The Book of Dave - by Will Self
In the Belly of the Thing
The Terror - by Dan Simmons
Hayes Code of Chaos
Orphans of Chaos - by John C Wright
Fugitives of Chaos - by John C Wright
Titans of Chaos - by John C Wright
Jamestown Blues
Jamestown - by Matthew Sharpe
The Harm World
Softspoken - by Lucius Shepard
Zugzwang on the Hot Tin Roof
The Yiddish Policemen's Union - by Michael Chabon
Playing Games
The Unknown Terrorist - by Richard Flanagan
The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate - by Ted Chiang
"Hey! Salome!"
The SFWA European Hall of Fame ed. James and Kathryn Morrow
>James Morrow comments
Casper Country
Spook Country - by William Gibson
Clock Whisperer, Clock Treks
Mainspring - by Jay Lake
Escapement - by Jay Lake
Lose the Amnesia
The Butcher Bird - by Richard Kadry
Sides - by Peter Straub
Walking the Dog
The Dog Said Bow-Wow - by Michael Swanwick
What Can be Saved from the Wreckage? - by Michael Swanwick
You're Niched
The Dragons of Babel - by Michael Swanwick
Dreyfus Caught in Retina
The Kip Brothers - by Jules Verne
Growing Fever
One for Sorrow - by Christopher Barzak
In a Town Called Mundomuerto - by Randall Silvis
Blaugast: A Novel of Decline - by Paul Leppin
Take a Break
Axis - by Robert Charles Wilson
In the Forest of Things
Red Spikes - by Margo Lanagan
The Pirate Position
Pirate Freedom - by Gene Wolfe
The Quiet Girl - by Peter H¿eg
Not the 2007 News
The Carhullan Army - by Sarah Hall
Cauldron - by Jack McDevitt
Gentlemen of the Road - by Michael Chabon
Things Exactly As They Are
The Man on the Ceiling - by Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem
The Day's Work
Pump Six and Other Stories - by Paolo Bacigalupi
It Matters
Matter - by Iain M Banks
Tote That Barge
The Dreaming Void - by Peter F Hamilton
Graved in Glass
The Martian General's Daughter - by Theodore Judson
Story Loins
The Enchantress of Florence - by Salman Rushdie
Drawn and Quartered
Rhetorics of Fantasy - by Farah Mendlesohn
Cosmos Coupons
City at the End of Time - by Greg Bear
Imagine This
The Gone-Away World - by Nick Harkaway
The Wreck of the Godspeed - by James Patrick Kelly
Don't Kill the Messenger, I Reckon
The City's End: Two Centuries of Fantasies, Fears, and
   Premonitions of New York's Destruction
- by Max Page
The Matter of Ben
The Ghost in Love - by Jonathan Carroll

The Word of God; Or, Holy Writ Rewritten - by Thomas M Disch
"On Tom Disch"
"Thomas M Disch (1940-2008)"
"Remembering Tom Disch"

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