Cover © Judith Clute


Elizabeth Hand

(illustrated by Judith Clute)

Photo © Norm Walters

- From the author's afterword -

.... Three ghosts haunt this story. The first, of course, is that of Charles Dickens, whose A CHRISTMAS CAROL is one of the ur-texts of my life, both personally and as a writer. ... And best of all, Sandy Becker. Sandy's kiddie show was on twice daily, morning and afternoon, the missing link between the classic age of screwball comedy and the brave new world that was just coming into its own. ... Which brings me to the third ghost, that of Joey Ramone. Joey was still alive when I wrote CHIP CROCKETT. And while I'll never be sure, I suspect that he must have watched Sandy Becker. ... That was when I first started making jokes about the Maronis and Tony Maroni, a sort of cut-rate Joey Ramone. When CHIP CROCKETT'S CHRISTMAS CAROL sprang full-blown from my dreaming mind, Tony occupied it front and center.

" I wrote the story at white heat, putting aside whatever I was supposed to have been
writing (the very early stages of MORTAL LOVE, probably) until the story was done. "

Elizabeth Hand is the author of eight novels and three story collections and her fiction has received numerous honours, including one Nebula and two World Fantasy Awards. She lives on the coast of Maine with her two teenage children, where she aspires, like Scrooge, to have it said that she "knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge."

This novella was first published online (SciFiction, 2000) and was short-listed for a World Fantasy Award.
It was one of four novellas collected as BIBLIOMANCY (PS Publishing, 2003) which won a World Fantasy Award.

This is the first separate publication of the novella and is illustrated by
a set of nine etchings by Judith Clute , who also designed the dustjacket.

The edition is limited to 222 numbered copies
signed by both the author and the artist.

Casebound with illustrated dust-jacket, 144 pages.
240mm x 155mm. Publication date 15 April 2006.

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