Front cover art by Miki Dennis.


ed. Alison Richards

from the editor's introduction

" We've been holding dedicated filk conventions in this country for a quarter of a century now. We've had guests from the US, from Canada, and from Germany. We've made friends and exchanged songs. ..... This book celebrates these twenty-five years of British filk. As well as some new material we also have a sampling of the classic songs that are deservedly still performed regularly. ..... Here's to the next twenty-five years. "

Seventy-one songs, many with original music and/or guitar chords by more than thirty authors .

Paperback, 118 pages.
A4 wiro-bound.
Publication date 1 Feb 2013

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ISBN (13) 978-1-870824-59-0

Contents list by author for QUARTERTOME

Philip Allcock
Afraid of the Shark
Daddy's Little - Oh Amy!
Empty Chair
The One Left Behind
Thank You Kindly
Well Beyond
Philip Allcock & Anne Rundle
Washing Day (Spin the Cat)
Andrew Barton
If Janis Joplin Had Been a Filker
Brian Biddle
Ai Cthulhu
Mambo Frankenstein
Paul Bristow
Occupation: Laundryman
Path-ology (or, "We Must Never Let Sheldon Get This Drunk Again!")
The Ragged Edge (a Microwaving Shanty)
Piers & Gill Cawley
A Child of the Library
Chris Conway
The Alien Jellyfish Song
Circle of One
Vegetarian Vampire
Alastair, Rachel & Abigail (The Crooklets)
When the Night Has Come (Daleks Scaring Me)
Where's Your School Bag?
Lawrence Dean
As Am I
Labyrinth of Shadows
The Listener
The Robber Kings
Upon Saint Crispin's Day
Miki Dennis
Sisters Three
Catherine Faber
The Atheist's Anthem
That Kind of Mouse
The Word of God
Catherine Faber & Peter Alway
The King's Lute
Martin & Andy Gordon-Kerr
Don't Play the Theremin
Downtown Skyline
Douglas Hamilton
Old Macdonald Had a Form
Twenty-First Century Streets
Merav Hoffman
Distant Glass
Juliane Honisch
A Thousand Ships
Valerie R Housden
Following in Valentina's Footsteps
Talis Kimberley
Death Danced at My Party
Spoon !
Uffington Hill
Talis Kimberley & Philip Allcock
Grief in Little Pieces
Sharing Music
Gary McGath
The Broom Maker
Chris Malme
The Boy in the Room
Here Stands a Man
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Shades of Grey
Suddenly Eeyore - A Duet Between Christopher Robin and Pooh
Jacqueline Mitchell
Don't Leave Me Alone
Tom Nanson
Count Plantagenet
So String It With Silver
The Spark Song: An Ode to Mad Science
Squeaker for the Dead
Gytha North
Music Has a Strong Magic
Grey Camel Line
Soren & Zander Nyrond
Sam's Song
Zander Nyrond
Mina's Song
The Old Ones
Song For Amanda
Mike Richards
Antarean Automobile Association
The Music Shop
Mike & Alison Richards
Robert Rosenfeld
Nap of the Gods
Mich Sampson
The Hunter
Dave Wegener
Can't Follow That
Tater Medallion
Mike Whitaker
Before the Dawn