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Sticking to the End is John Clute's seventh collection of reviews and other pieces. It is broken into four parts. Part One presents around 100,000 words of reviews from late 2014 until now, none previously collected.  They follow on directly from the pieces assembled in Stay, and illustrate Clute's long-iterated contention that fantastika is the natural and necessary form of story in the twenty-first century: now more than ever the case, two decades into this period. Part Two contains short pieces in memory of some friends. Part Three contains some essays, highly selected but including a further piece on fantastika, "The Sacred Grove". Part Four contains a number of essay/reviews of  films and television miniseries; they are versions of entries in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction from 2014 on.

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John Clute was born in 1940 in Canada. Beginning in his teens he lived for several years in the United States, which he continues to visit. Since 1969 he has lived in London. He began to review science fiction in the early 1960s. He has written two novels, Appleseed (2001) being science fiction. He has written or co-edited three encyclopedias of fantastika, including The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - the fourth edition of which is available free online here.
He has won four Hugos, four Locus Awards, the World Fantasy Award, and others. For his critical work in particular he was given a Readercon Award in 1989, the Pilgrim Award in 1994, the Eaton Grand Master Award in 1995, the ICFA Distinguished Guest Scholar Award in 1999, and the Solstice Award in 2012.

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