Alphabetic List of All English-Language Items in the Bibliography
Included here are the titles of all books, stories, poems, articles, plays and other works by NMM.
Also included are the titles of review articles, together with the authors and titles of books reviewed.
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review articleG3340 "Abelard and Heloise"
academicH4450 "Abortion, past or future?: The 1930s writings of Naomi Mitchison"
storyB0010 "Above the Whirlwind"
poemC0010 "Absence of Indians"
speechV4685 "Academic Bias in Education"
reviewed authorG8850 Chinua Achebe - Hopes and Impediments: Selected Essays 1967-1987
reviewed authorG6600 Chinua Achebe - A Man of the People
poemC0020 "Across Europe"
review articleG6870 "Across Two Worlds"
articleE0050 "Action by the Highland Panel"
letterF7130 "Action Bangla Desh"
articleE0065 "Adam and Eve were Driven from their Paradise . . ."
reviewed bookG7860 Adam Lindsay Gordon: The Man and the Myth - by Geoffrey Hutton
aboutJ5690 "Adopted Tribal Mother"
poemC0030 "Adoption of a Parliamentary Candidate, Lochgilphead"
storyB0020 "Adventures in the Debateable Land"
reviewed bookG3270 The Adventure of Poetry - by Frank Kendon
reviewed bookG6750 The Adventures of James Bond Junior: 003½ - by R D Mascott
reviewed bookG3710 Adventures of the Little Pig - by F le Gros & Ida Clark
academic articleH4754 " 'Adventure to the Adventurous': Naomi MitchisonÕs Travel Narrative Mucking Around "
news itemX3000 "Advisory Panel: Highlands and Islands Development"
meetingV3920 "Advocate of Policy of Sir Stafford Cripps"
articleE0080 "Africa and Us"
review articleG6930 "Africa Before the Whites"
articleE0095 "Africa Going Through a Renaissance Phase"
reviewed bookG6500 Africa to Me - by Emily Hahn
reviewed bookG6700 Africa: A History of a Continent - by Basil Davidson
review articleG6700 "Africa's Past and Future"
articleE0193 "Africa Report: Naomi Mitchison on Angola"
articleE0115 "An African Bus"
review articleG6500 "African Choice and Change"
articleE0125 "An African Doctor"
letterF6605 "African Drought"
letterF6950 "African Evictions"
articleE0140 "African Farm Outing"
articleE0155 "An African Farmer at the Royal Highland Show"
collectionA0010 African Heroes
articleE0163 "An African Historical Novel?"
review articleG6350 "African Insights"
articleE0170 "African Journey"
review articleG7100 "An African Novel"
aboutJ2800 "African Queen"
articleE0185 "African Queen Jives at her Wedding Reception"
reviewed bookG7072 An African School - by Kit Reed
reviewed bookG6820 An African Season - by Leonard Levitt
historyA0020 The Africans : A History
poemC0035 "After"
storyB0030 "After the Accident"
reviewed bookG7344 After the Forty-Five: The Economic Impact on the Scottish Highlands - by A J Youngson
articleE0193 "After the Troops Passed On . . ."
articleE0200 "Against the Cold"
articleE0215 "Ageing from Inside"
storyB0040 "Aglaos in Olbia"
articleE0220 "Aid from India"
meetingV3704 Aid Spain
reviewed authorG5510 Joan Aiken - More Than You Bargained For
poemC0040 "Ainorix in the Market"
articleE0230 "Air Nurse"
reviewed bookG6700 Akamba Stories - by John S Mbiti
playD0010 "Akbar"
poemA0030 The Alban Goes Out
poemC0050 "The Alban Goes Out"
extractC0055 from "The Alban Goes Out"
extractC0056 from "The Alban Goes Out"
extractC0057 from "The Alban Goes Out"
reviewed bookG7608 Albert Schweitzer - by James Brabazon
review articleG8430 "Alchemy"
reviewed bookG7372 Aldous Huxley: A Biography - by Sybille Bedford
reviewed bookG7460 Aldous Huxley: A Biography: Vol 2, 1939-1963 - by Sybille Bedford
articleE0245 "Aldous Huxley on War and Intellectual Survival"
historyA0040 Alexander the Great
reviewed authorG7736 Michael Alexander - Omai: "Noble Savage"
reviewed bookG3500 Alice In Wonderland - by Lewis Carroll
radioT5000 "All About Books"
autobiogA0050 All Change Here : Girlhood And Marriage
reviewed bookG7580 All God's Dangers - by Theodore Rosengarten
meetingV3585 "All is Not Well With England"
conferenceV3280 The All-Party Conference - on the Spanish Civil War
articleE0260 "All Set for the Holidays"
quotationE0268 "All-Talking"
articleE0275 "Allanbank"
reviewed bookG7739 Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and Cult of the Virgin Mary - by Marina Warner
reviewed bookG2810 An Alphabet of Magic - by Eleanor Farjeon
review articleG5420 "Alternative to Comics"
letterF8160 "Alternative to Trident"
interviewL7820 "Always be Ready to Pack a Suitcase"
reviewed authorG6600 Elechi Amadi - The Concubine
letterF3875 to the Amalgamated Engineering Union
reviewed bookG3930 Amber Innocent - by Joan Adeney Easdale
essayH3600 "The Ambivalent Legacy of Violence and Victimhood: Using Early Christian Martyrs to Think With"
playD0020 "American Britons"
letterF4830 "American Films"
radioT0800 "The American Revolution"
playD2050 "The American Revolution"
letterF4680 "American Tactics"
obituaryK0050 "Among Us, Taking a Century's Notes"
autobiogA0060 Among You Taking Notes ... the Wartime Diary of Naomi Mitchison 1939-1945
articleE0290 "Among You Taking Notes" (extract)
storyB0050 "The Amphitheatre at Pola: Fourth Century A.D."
reviewed bookG8010 Anatomy of Apartheid - by H Lindsay Smith
review articleG7420 "Ancestors and Gods"
academic paperH4015 "Ancient History for Girls"
review articleG7160 "And Some Legacies"
review articleG7616 "And Woman Enthroned"
reviewed authorG7510 Eric Ashby & Mary Anderson - Portrait of Haldane
reviewed bookG8430 An Angel At My Table: Autobiography 2 - by Janet Frame
articleE0305 "Anger Against Books"
news itemX1600 "Anglo-Hellenic Cruise"
reviewed bookG6750 The Animal Family - by Randall Jarrell
reviewed bookG5510 Animals All - by Peter Skelton
review articleG5720 "Animals as People"
aboutH3950 "Animals, Empathy, and Care in Naomi Mitchison's Memoirs of a Spacewoman"
articleE0320 "Ankle Bells for Clare"
review articleG3025 "Anna and the Apes"
historyA0070 Anna Comnena
news itemX0200 "Announcement of Forthcoming Marriage"
reviewed authorG3400 Anon (ed.) - Blackie's Annual
reviewed authorG8030 Anon (ed.) - National Education Strategy: Papua New Guinea
reviewed authorG2810 Anon (ed.) - The New Anchor Rhyme Book No 1
reviewed authorG3910 Anon (ed.) - The Imperial Crisis and Recovery
reviewed authorG2810 Anon (ed.) - The Toy Box Nos 1-4
reviewed authorG3400 Anon (ed.) - The Youngest Omnibus
reviewed authorG3910 Anon (ed.) - The Cambridge Ancient History. Vol XII
reviewed authorG6330 Anon (ed) - The Wonders of Life On Earth
articleE0335 "Another Day - 10 Jun 1940"
articleE0340 "Another Day - 5 Sep 1940"
articleE0345 "Another Day - 27 Jan 1941"
articleE0350 "Another Day - 1 Feb 1941"
articleE0365 "Another Day - 7 Feb 1941"
articleE0380 "Another Day - 21 Jan 1942"
articleE0395 "Another Day - 29 May 1942"
articleE0410 "Another Day - 25-28 Jul 1942"
articleE0425 "Another Day - 9 Nov 1942"
articleE0440 "Another Day - 24 Nov 1942"
articleE0455 "Another Day - 15 Jan 1943"
articleE0470 "Another Day - 28 Jan 1943"
articleE0485 "Another Day - 18 Feb 1943"
articleE0500 "Another Day - 19 May 1943"
articleE0515 "Another Day - 9 Jul 1943"
articleE0520 "Another Day - 7 Oct 1943"
articleE0530 "Another Day - 21 Apr 1944"
articleE545 "Another Day - 8 May 1945"
articleE550 "Another Day - 25-28 July 1945"
letterF5160 "Another Point of View"
articleE0560 "Another Uncertified Teacher: Cattle and Dresses"
storyB0060 "Antander and Nikippe"
rallyV6990 Anti-Apartheid Movement rally
articleE0575 "Anti-Ghosts"
reviewed bookG5420 Anytime Stories - by Donald Bisset
reviewed bookG6900 Apartheid - by Edgar H Brookes
reviewed bookG3025 The Apes of God - by Wyndham Lewis
reviewed bookG3230 Apocalypse - by D H Lawrence
letterF3830 "An Appeal to Women"
reviewed authorG6750 Peggy Appiah - Tales of an Ashanti Father
playD2100 "Apple and Almond"
poemC0060 "April 1915"
reviewed bookG3020 Apropos of Lady Chatterly's Lover - by D H Lawrence
articleE0590 "Archæology and the Intellectual Worker"
reviewed bookG7388 The Archaeology of Minoan Crete - by Reynold Higgins
reviewed bookG7140 Archaeology: Discoveries in the 1960s - by Edward Bacon
reviewed authorG7450 W G Archer - The Hill of Flutes
reviewed authorG7656 Robert Ardrey - The Hunting Hypothesis
articleE0605 "Are Russians Really Like This ?"
articleE0610 "Are Tractors the Answer ?"
review articleG6660 "An Area of Happiness"
news itemX1900 "Argyll Mansion Purchased as Holiday Home"
reviewed bookG7730 Argyll: The Enduring Heartland - by Marion Campbell
articleE0620 "Argyllshire"
meetingV6115 Argyllshire County Council - meeting 11 Jan 1961
articleE0635 "Arkansas Through British Eyes"
storyB0070 "Arminius in the Cherry Tree: Ravenna A.D. 35"
reviewed authorG3130 Martin Armstrong - The Paintbox
poemC0068 "Arrow Struck"
poemC0070 "Arrow-struck"
poemC0080 "Ars Amoris - Remedia Amoris"
letterF4160 "Art in Scotland"
reviewed bookG3360 The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book - by Arthur Rackham
pamphletA0080 Artist Laird
thesisH6700 The Art of Peace
poemC0090 "An Arvernian Looks at the Sacred Mountain and Remembers Vercingetorix"
reviewed bookG4050 As I Remember Hum - by Zinsser
autobiogA0090 As It Was
review articleG8230 "As it was"
bookA0100 As It Was in the Beginning
playD0030 "As it was in the Beginning"
radio playT2000 "As it was in the Beginning" - 1940 (40 mins)
radio playT2300 "As it was in the Beginning" - 1948 (100mins)
radio playT3350 "As it was in the Beginning" - 1950 (90-mins)
reviewed bookG3000 The Ascent of Humanity - by Gerald Heard
reviewed authorG7510 Eric Ashby & Mary Anderson - Portrait of Haldane
reviewed authorG7616 Geoffrey Ashe - The Virgin
reviewed authorG2800 Lady Cynthia Asquith (ed) - The Treasure Cave
extractsE0643 "The Assassin's Cloak"
articleE0650 "At Long Last the Waters Recede in Botswana"
articleE0665 "At Mochudi"
articleE0680 "At Molepolole"
storyB0080 "At Plane-Tree Grove"
review articleG7850 "At the Bottom of the Heap"
articleE0695 "At the Count"
poemC0100 "At the National Gallery : Dublin"
reviewed bookG2810 At the Top of the Hill - by Grace O'Brian
reviewed bookG5610 Atom of Delight - by Neil Gunn
poemC0110 "An Attempt in Hexameters"
letterF3555 "Attempt to Break Tory Monopoly of Oxford University"
reviewed authorG8950 John Aubrey - Brief Lives
newsX9000 Auction of Seven Pillars of Wisdom
news itemX7100 Auction of Tolkien Letters at Sotheby's
news itemX9100 Auction of Tolkien Book at Lyon & Turnbull
storyB0090 "Aud the Deep Minded"
reviewed bookG7760 Audacity to Believe - by Sheila Cassidy
reviewed authorG7688 W H Auden - Collected Poems
reviewed authorG3240 W H Auden - The Orators
reviewed authorG3040 W H Auden - Poems
reviewed bookG7688 The Auden Generation - by Samuel Hynes
reviewed bookG9100 W H Auden, the Map of All My Youth: A collection of Auden Memorabilia - edited by Katherine Bucknell and Nicholas Jenkins
poemC0120 "Australian Place Names"
letterF7825 "Australian Visitor"
articleE0710 "The Author as a Colleague"
letterF3620 "Authors and the Law of Libel: Plea for Reform"
letterF5500 "Authors' Peace Appeal"
letterF5415 "Authors' Protest"
articleE0725 "Authors take sides on the Falklands"
meetingV5185 Authors' World Peace Appeal Conference - 27 Oct 1951
debateV5290 Authors' World Peace Appeal Conference - 6 Dec 1952
meetingV5415 Authors' World Peace Appeal Conference - 20 Feb 1954
letterF6290 "Authorship"
letterF8110 "Automation Fallacy"
poemC0130 "Autumn"
storyB0095 "Autumn 58BC, Spring to Autumn 56BC"
articleE0740 "An Autumn Galloway Cattle Sale"
articleE0755 "Autumn Round Athens"
poemC0140 "Awakening of the Bacchae"
articleE0770 "Awed by so Big a Country"
review articleG6400 "An Awkward Squad"
reviewed subjectG7220 My Odyssey: An Autobiography - by Nnamdi Azikiwe
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storyB0100 "Babes in the Wood"
review articleG3260 "Babies First"
articleE0785 "Back from Achaea"
articleE0800 "Back of the North Wind"
review articleG5900 "Back to Nannie"
reviewed authorG7140 Edward Bacon - Archaeology: Discoveries in the 1960s
poemC0150 "Bad Harvest"
articleE0807 "Bad News from France"
poemC0160 ("Bairns Sit in Our Schools")
letterF6470 "Bakgatla Cattle"
articleE0815 "Bakgatla in Transition: Letter from Bechuanaland"
articleE0830 "The Bakgatla of South-east Botswana as seen through their proverbs"
poemC0170 "Ballad of Sir Andrew Barton"
letterF5315 "Banned Bodies"
articleE0845 "Bannockburn"
reviewed bookG8225 Barbara Hepworth: A Memoir - by Margaret Gardiner
novelA0110 The Barbarian
collectionA0120 Barbarian Stories
poemC0180 "Barbarians in Rome"
articleE0860 "Barbed Wire for Prizes on Farmer's Day"
reviewed authorG4010 James Barke - The Green Hills Far Away
storyB0110 "The Barley Field: Dorset Coast, Early Bronze Age"
playD2150 "Barley, Honey and Wine"
articleE0875 "Barons of Nova Scotia"
reviewed authorG7040 Pat Barr - A Curious Life for a Lady
reviewed authorG5510 H Mortimer Batten - The Singing Forest
review articleG7870 "Battle Against the Bomb"
review articleG7000 "Battle for Life?"
reviewed bookG6750 The Battlefield - by William Mayne
letterF3575 "The B.B.C. and Its Employees: A Protest"
letterF3575 "The B.B.C. and Sexual Ethics"
letterF3575 "B.B.C. Staff: The Modern Standard of Respectability"
letterF3575 "B.B.C. Staff: Morals Censored: Alleged Puritanism"
reviewed authorG7500 Leonard C Beadle - Inland Waters of Tropical Africa
reviewed authorG3320 C M Beadnell - A Picture Book of Evolution
reviewed authorG2810 Cyril Beaumont - Sea Magic
review articleG8010 "Beautiful but Unhappy Land"
articleE0890 "Beating the Rain"
articleE0905 "A Beauty Contest Now in Botswana"
review articleG5100 "The Beautiful County"
review articleG3230 "Because We Are Fools"
reviewed bookG6650 Bechuanaland - by B A Young
reviewed authorG2900 Maurice Bedel - Molinoff Indre-et-Loire
reviewed authorG7372 Sybille Bedford - Aldous Huxley: A Biography
reviewed authorG7460 Sybille Bedford - Aldous Huxley: A Biography: Vol 2, 1939-1963
review articleG6800 "Before Independence"
review articleG7200 "Before the Plough"
storyB0120 "The Begging Letters"
articleE0920 "Beginning of a New Order"
articleE0935 "Beginnings"
review articleG7300 "Beginnings of Scotland"
articleE0950 "Behind the Iron Curtain"
novelA0130 Behold Your King
reviewed subjectG8420 Hilaire Belloc - by A N Wilson
reviewed authorG4020 Hilaire Belloc - Cautionary Verses
reviewed authorG7950 Nora Bellof - No Travel Like Russian Travel
reviewed authorG2900 Julien Benda - Mon Premier Testament
reviewed authorG6730 John Berger - A Fortunate Man
reviewed authorG6830 Hilda Bernstein - The World that was Ours
reviewed authorG3940 Erick Berry - Honey of the Nile
review articleG6925 "The Best People"
book chapterH4190 "Between Gender and Fictional Experiment: Naomi Mitchison's Historical Novels"
thesisH7200 Between the Words of a Song
articleE0965 "Between Two Continents"
articleE0980 "Beware These Words!"
letter toN5005 "Beyond Revolution"
collectionA0140 Beyond This Limit
novelA0150 Beyond This Limit
storyB0130 "Beyond This Limit"
reviewed bookG3360 Bibi - by Karin Michaelis
reviewed authorG7064 Geoffrey Bibby - Looking for Dilmun
reviewed authorG6430 Jens Bierre - Savage New Guinea
articleE0995 "Big Brother"
reviewed bookG3940 Big Business Billy - by Janusz Korczak
letterF7325 "The Big Fish"
novelA0160 The Big House
articleE1010 "The Big Mill"
storyB0135 "The Big Mill"
review articleG8225 "Big Stones"
novelA0170 The Big Surprise
reviewed authorG7000 Rogert Bigelow - The Dawn Warriors
review articleG4020 "Billy-Go-Blink & Mr Belloc"
articleE1025 "A Binder of One's Own"
reviewed authorG5420 Archie Binns - Sea Pup
review articleG7008 "Biologist Looks Back"
reviewed bookG3500 Biography of A Grizzly - by Thomas Seton
news aboutJ4500 Birthdays - column in "The Guardian"
reviewed bookG6465 Black Background - by John Blacking
articleE1040 "A Bird-House of Poets"
poemC0190 "Birmingham and the Allies"
poemC0200 "Birth Poem"
reviewed authorG5420 Donald Bisset - Anytime Stories
review articleG7624 "Black and Comely"
storyB0140 "Black Jacket"
letterF6560 " 'Black Domination' No Cause for Worry"
reviewed bookG3320 Black On White - by M Ilin
letterF4330 "Black Record"
letterF3440 "The Black Shirts at Olympia: 'Criminal Faces' "
letterF3438 "The Black Shirts at Olympia: Onlookers' Behaviour"
storyB0150 "Black Sparta"
collectionA0180 Black Sparta : Greek Stories
reviewed authorG7640 Carmen Blacker - The Catalpa Bow
reviewed bookG3400 Blackie's Annual - ed. Anon
reviewed authorG6465 John Blacking - Black Background
letterF8920 "Blasphemy"
letterF8940 "Blasphemy Law Campaigners"
reviewed authorG8180 James Blish - Shaky Relations
reviewed authorG6925 Edward Blishen - A Bundle of Time
novelA0190 The Blood of the Martyrs
poemC0210 "Blood Promise"
letterF4360 "Bloody Centralising"
articleE1048 "A Blue Book for Us"
review articleG6810 "Blue-blooded Dane"
poemC0220 "The Boar of Badenoch and the Sow of Athol"
reviewed authorG7845 Philip Boardman - The World of Patrick Geddes
articleE1055 "Body-based Togetherness is Important, Not Compulsory"
reviewed bookG7340 The Boer War Diary of Sol T Plaatje - ed. John L Comaroff
articleE1070 "Bonfires Again for Summer Solstice"
poemC0230 "The Bonny Brae"
review articleG6530 "A Bonny Fighter"
review articleG3000 "The Book and the Revolution"
reviewed bookG3360 The Book of Air and Water Wonders - by Ellison Hawks
reviewed bookG6510 A Book of India - by B N Pandey
eventX3500 Book signing
review articleG8620 "Books of the Year"
letterF8360 "Boomeranged"
reviewed subjectG6920 Charles Booth's London - by Albert Fried and Richard M Elman
poemC0240 "The Border Loving"
articleE1085 "The Boring Business of Doing Good"
articleE1100 "Born to Be Chief"
radioT4250 "Born to Be Chief"
reviewed bookG4000 Borrowed Children - by Mrs. St Loe Strachey
reviewed authorG3360 Borski & Miller - The Gypsy and the Bear
reviewed bookG7024 Both Hands: An Autobiography - by Gervas Huxley
articleE1110 "Botswana Contradictions"
articleE1120 "Botswana in March"
review articleG3740 "Bouncing like Blake"
storyB0160 "The Box"
storyB0165 "Boy and Neeps"
storyB0170 "The Boy from the Bush"
reviewed bookG7145 The Boy On the Ox's Back - by Forbes Stuart
letterF6610 "Boycotting South African Universities"
collectionA0200 Boys And Girls And Gods
reviewed authorG7608 James Brabazon - Albert Schweitzer
reviewed authorG6140 H N Brailsford, ed. by Christopher Hill - The Levellers and the English Revolution
storyB0180 "The Brave Nurse"
collectionA0210 The Brave Nurse And Other Stories
storyB0190 "Bread and Water"
review articleG6510 "Breaking the Glass Curtain"
articleE1130 "Breaking Up the Home"
reviewed authorG8630 Breyten Breytenbach - The True Confessions of An Albino Terrorist
reviewed bookG5800 Bridge to the Sun - by Gwen Terasaki
review articleG7400 "Bridging the Gap?"
reviewed bookG8950 Brief Lives - by John Aubrey
articleE1140 "Brigades at Mochudi"
reviewed authorG3400 L R Brightwell - Zoo Calendar
radioT3630 "Bringing Home the Boat"
articleE1145 "Bringing Home the New Boat"
articleE1160 "Bringing Home the Peats"
articleE1175 "Bringing Trains Back to the Highlands"
lectureV2980 Bristol University Classical Association
telegramF3915 "A British Appeal to Mr. Roosevelt: Peace in Spain"
letterF8085 "British Defence and Aid Fund"
aboutJ1800 "British Novelist who 'Mothers' Africans ..."
articleE1190 "A British Socialist on Soviet Writers and Writing"
articleE1205 "British View of America"
thesisH6950 British Women Writers and the Public Sphere Between the Wars
reviewed authorG3350 Vera Brittain - Testament of Youth
reviewed authorG7940 Vera Brittain - Testament of Youth - as broadcast by the BBC
reviewed subjectG7712 Deacon Brodie, Father to Jekyll and Hyde - by John Gibson
reviewed bookG5510 Brogeen and the Princess of Sheen - by Patricia Lynch
poemC0250 "The Broken Promise"
reviewed authorG6900 Edgar H Brookes - Apartheid
reviewed authorG7324 Paul Brooks - The House of Life: Rachel Carson at Work
reviewed authorG3270 John Brophy - English Prose
reviewed authorG3360 Gareth H Browning - The Children's Story-Book of Bees
storyB0200 "Brünnhilde's Journey down the Rhine"
reviewed authorG2810 Barbara Bryan - Joan and Me
poemC0260 "Buachaille Etive Mor and Buachaille Etive Beag"
reviewed authorG3360 P C Buck - The Oxford Nursery Song Book
reviewed authorG9100 Katherine Bucknell and Nicholas Jenkins - W H Auden, the Map of All My Youth: A collection of Auden Memorabilia
articleE1220 "The Buck Rake"
poemC0270 "Buganda History"
articleE1235 "Building a Haystack"
articleE1250 "Bulb Viewing in Spring"
novelA0220 The Bull Calves
reviewed authorG3135 Gerald Bullett - Remember Mrs. Munch
reviewed authorG7140 Orville H Bullitt - Search for Sybaris
reviewed bookG5060 Bull's Penny - by Margaret Hamilton
reviewed bookG7356 Bulozi under the Luyana Kings - by Mutumba Mainga
reviewed bookG6925 A Bundle of Time - by Harriet Cohen
review articleG5300 "The Burden of Being Black"
storyB0210 "A Burgess of Irvine"
poemC0280 "The Burial of Elie Gras"
reviewed bookG8300 The Burma-Siam Railway: The Secret Diary of Dr Robert Hardie, 1942-1945
reviewed bookG6730 Bwana Doctor - byPascal Imperato
aboutJ5200 "Burn the Dead Donkey"
letterF8850 "Burundi"
playD0050 "But Still it Moves"
storyB0220 "Buying a Secretary"
review articleG8420 "By His Works"
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poemC0290 "Cain and Abel"
reviewed authorG6125 Ritchie Calder - The Inheritors
reviewed authorG7440 James Cameron - An Indian Summer
reviewed authorG7900 James Cameron - Yesterday's Witness
review articleG6125 "Calder to the Stake"
reviewed bookG6750 Caldicott Place - by Noel Streatfeild
storyB0230 "Call Me"
radioT6500 "Call Me"
articleE1265 "The Calves"
articleE1280 "Calypsos and Contempts"
reviewed bookG3910 The Cambridge Ancient History. Vol XII. - ed. Anon
poemC0300 "The Camp in the Orchard"
storyB0233 "The Campaign Against Blonc"
reviewed authorG6110 John Lorne Campbell - Stories from South Uist
reviewed authorG7730 Marion Campbell - Argyll: The Enduring Heartland
reviewed authorG7300 Marion Campbell - The Dark Twin
letterF7490 "Campbeltown Oil Fears"
articleE1295 "Can Indira drag India into the seventies ?"
letterF7950 "Canniballs"
articleE1310 "Can the Labour Party Govern ?"
letterF4620 "Can the Red Squirrel be Saved ?"
articleE1315 "Can We Help OurChildren to Stay at School ?"
reviewed authorG7672 May Wedderburn Cannan - Grey Ghosts and Voices
review articleG6475 "A Capacity for Joy"
reviewed bookG6750 Captain Zeppos - by Louis de Groof
storyB0235 "The Captive"
articleE1325 "Caravans to Carradale"
reviewed authorG7410 Alasdair Carmichael - Kintyre
reviewed authorG7754 Humphrey Carpenter - J R R Tolkien. A Biography
poemC0310 "Carradale Bay"
articleE1340 "Carradale Catch"
bookA0335 Carradale - Essays and Journalism 2
articleE1355 "Carradale Harbour Opened"
songC0320 "Carradale Poacher's Song"
poemC0330 "Carradale Weather"
reviewed authorG3400 Rose Fyleman & Valerie Carrick - Widdy-Waddy-Wurkey
reviewed authorG3500 Lewis Carroll - Alice In Wonderland
reviewed subjectG7930 Lewis Carroll: A Biography - by Anne Clark
poemC0340 "Carry On"
reviewed subjectG7324 The House of Life: Rachel Carson at Work - by Paul Brooks
reviewed authorG7760 Sheila Cassidy - Audacity to Believe
storyB0240 "The Castle"
reviewed bookG7640 The Catalpa Bow - by Carmen Blacker
articleE1370 "Catching Up With the Tribal News . . ."
articleE7498 "Catholics and Puritans"
articleE1385 "The Cattle Sale"
articleE1400 "Cattle Sales at Oban"
reviewed authorG8620 Catherine Caufield - In the Rain Forest
articleE1415 "Cautionary Story"
reviewed bookG4020 Cautionary Verses - by Hilaire Belloc
reviewed authorG7830 Glen Cavaliero - The Rural Tradition In the English Novel 1900-1939
news itemX7800 "CBE for novelist still writing at 86"
poemC0350 "Ceilidh"
articleE1430 "Celebrating the Solstice"
articleE1445 "The Celtic West"
review articleG7052 "The Celts in Their Glory"
academicH2727 "A Centenary Celebration"
articleE1460 "Centenary in the Family"
article aboutH4750 "Century Notes"
reviewed bookG6140 The Century of Revolution - by Christopher Hill
reviewed authorG7140 C W Ceram - Gods, Graves and Scholars
aboutH4350 " 'A Certain Amount of Instruction': Politics, Entertainment and Narration in the Interwar Short Stories"
reviewed bookG7180 The Challenge of Nationhood - by Tom Mboya
reviewed bookG7088 The Challenge of World Poverty - by Gunnar Myrdal
televisionT4670 "A Change of Life"
letterF5385 "Change in U.S.S.R." - letter dated 30 Sep 1953
letterF5386 "Change in U.S.S.R." - letter dated 3 Oct 1953
storyB0245 "The Chapel Perilous"
storyB0250 "Chapter from an Unpublished Novel"
poemC0360 "Charilas, in Exile, Remembers Sparta"
radioT1700 "Charlemagne"
playD0060 "Charlemagne and His Court"
reviewed bookG6920 Charles Booth's London - by Albert Fried and Richard M Elman
articleE1475 "Checking Highland "Brain Drain" "
speechV3480 Cheltenham Literary Society
reviewed authorG8930 J I Cheng - The Craft of Gardens (translated by Alison Hardie)
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review articleG8240 "An Eye for the Truth"
review articleG8400 "Eye-opener"
letterF5430 "Eyries and Eaglets"
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storyB0465 "Flour from the Wizard's Wood Ashes"
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radioT0650 "For this Man is a Roman"
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poemC0700 "Forbidden"
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letterF3375 "Free Speech: Letter to Vice-Chancellor of Oxford"
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reviewed bookG6835 The Future of the Highlands - by Derick S Thomson and Ian Grimble
letterF6340 "Future of the Protectorates"
reviewed authorG3400 Rose Fyleman & Valerie Carrick - Widdy-Waddy-Wurkey
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A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
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articleE3890 "How Will the District Councils Work ?"
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A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
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A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
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A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  
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academicH4550 "Naomi Mitchison, Peaceable Transgressor"
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thesisH6100 Naomi Mitchison's Treatment of the Historical Novel
autobiogA0700 Naomi Mitchison's Vienna Diary
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pamphletA0710 Naomi Mitchison the Labour Candidate
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reviewed bookG9010 A Nation of Change and Novelty - by Christopher Hill
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articleE5525 "National Development Plan"
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letterF3315 "The Nazi Terror in Germany"
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articleE5535 "Neglected Fictions"
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articleE5540 "Neo-colonialism is One of Those Words ...""
poemC1430 "The Neolithic Flint Mines"
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poemC1450 "New Born"
playD0190 "The New Calendar"
articleE5555 "New Cloud-Cuckoo-Borough"
review articleG3250 "New Fiction" - 22 Oct 1932
review articleG3280 "New Fiction" - 26 Nov 1932
review articleG3325 "New Fiction" - 21 Jan 1933
review articleG3040 "The New Generation"
review articleG6748 "New Light on the '45"
articleE5570 "The New Midden"
review articleG3930 "A New Poet"
speechV5310 "The New Russian Morality - What is it?"
articleE5585 "The New Shed"
poemC1460 "New Verse 1937"
poemC1465 "New Verse "
P.E.N. meetingV4725 "New Vistas of Language and Sound"
review articleG9000 "New Voice in Kintyre"
quotationE5593 "News and Views - 15 Jun 1933"
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aboutH3000 "The 1930s: Cultural Politics and Poetry"
televisionT4670 "1936-1976 A Change of Life"
playD0200 "Nix-Nought-Nothing"
playsA0720 Nix-Nought-Nothing, And Elfen Hill : Two Plays For Children
playsA0730 Nix-Nought-Nothing : Four Plays For Children
letterF7050 "No Arms for South Africa"
articleE5615 "No Complacency, Obstinacy"
reviewed bookG6600 No Easy Task - by Aubrey Kachingwe
interviewL7920 "No Easy Way"
reviewed bookG3280 No Epitaph - by Raymond Postgate
articleE5630 "No Fling for the Highlands ?"
letterF6070 "No Fresh Milk"
articleE5645 "No Mean City"
articleE5660 "No More Porridge"
meetingV3485 No More War Movement
articleE5675 "No Normal Year in Botswana"
articleE5680 "No Plain Way to Peace"
reviewed bookG7950 No Travel Like Russian Travel - by Nora Bellof
meetingV5250 "No War Mentality in Russia: Moscow People 'Relaxed' "
reviewed bookG2500 Noah's Ark - by A Williams-Ellis
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storyB1260 "Nobody Likes A Refugee"
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reviewed bookG3940 Nobody's Girl - by Hector Malet
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poemC1490 "North Queensland Coast"
articleE5690 "Norway and Us"
aboutJ2500 "Not Amused"
novelA0740 Not By Bread Alone
articleE5705 "Not Enough Pain"
review articleG7040 "Not Lady-like, but Interesting"
review articleG7718 "The Not So Gay World"
review articleG6820 "Not the Same"
letterF3439 "Not Unnecessarily Brutal"
quotationE5593 "Notable Sayings"
articleE5720 "Note on Books and One's Funny Idea of Ancient History"
articleE5735 "Notes on the Future of Communism in India"
review articleG7348 "A Novel from Prison"
news itemX0670 "Novel Trip to Canary Islands"
news itemX3600 "Novelist Defeated in Poll"
letterF3740 "Novelist Writes to Aid Spain Committee"
aboutH1600 "Novelists of the Renaissance"
poemC1410 "The N.U.W.M. against Lord Trenchard"
storyB1270 "Nuts in May"
reviewed authorG6630 Joseph S Nye - Pan Africanism and East African Integration
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obituaryK1000 "Obituary" - Locus magazine
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storyB1280 "O Lucky Thessaly !"
novelA0750 The Oath-Takers
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storyB1290 "Occasion for Prayer"
poemC1500 "October Wind"
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interviewL6840 "Of Course I Had to Rebel ..."
poemC1510 "Oh Eastern Wind"
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factualA0760 Oil For the Highlands ?
article/obitE5750 "Olaf Stapledon"
articleE5765 "The Old Canal"
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articleE5780 "The Old Gleaners"
articleE5790 "The Old Lion Still Has Teeth"
poemC1520 "Old Love and New Love"
storyB1305 "The Old Mill"
storyB1310 "Old Nick Arrives"
articleE5795 "Old Sins and Hell Fire"
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poemC1530 "Oldies"
poemC1540 "Olympia - Rome - London"
reviewed bookG7736 Omai: "Noble Savage" - by Michael Alexander
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poemC1560 "On a Highland Farm"
storyB1320 "On an Island"
poemC1570 "On Mount Pilatus"
poemC1580 "On Taking a T'ang Horse from Hammersmith to the City"
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storyB1330 "On the Edge"
articleE5825 "On the Edge of the Highlands"
articleE5840 "On the Lower Lands of Lesotho"
essayH3175 " 'On the Knife-Edge of Time': Katherine Burdekin and Naomi Mitchison"
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aboutJ5800 "100 Years of Passion"
articleE5870 "One Party Rule in Africa"
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news itemX2000 " 'Only Excuse' for Owning Property"
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letterF4450 "Open Letter to Mr Andreae"
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letterN6000 3 letters from George Orwell
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articleE5905 "The Other Nigeria"
travelogueA0770 Other People's Worlds
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generalJ7000 "Our Heritage"
articleE5910 "Our Museum - A Picture of Botswana's Possibilities"
lectureV2980 "Our Unfortunate Debt to Rome"
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poemC1590 "Out of the Enemy Country"
storyB1380 "Out of School"
storyB1390 "Out of the Deeps"
storyB1400 "Out of the Land of Egypt"
articleE5915 "Out of the Old World and into the New"
storyB1410 "Out of the Waters"
storyB1420 "Out of the West"
radioT3875 "Out of the West"
poemC1600 "Out of this Misery"
reviewed bookG6635 The Outer Hebrides and Their Legends - by Otta F Swire
edited bookA0780 An Outline For Boys And Girls And Their Parents
letterF8260 "Ova the Rainbow"
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reviewed bookG3360 The Oxford Nursery Song Book - by P C Buck
letterF3710 "Oxford University By-Election: Sir A Salter's Backing"
lectureV3275 The Oxford University Labour Club
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articleE5945 "P. C. Mahalanobis : A Lively Host"
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reviewed bookG7664 Passionate Pilgrimage: Katherine Mansfield: A Love Affair In Letters - by Helen McNeish
letterF5850 "Passport Problems"
academic talkH4675 "Past Revolutionary: Classical Antiquity as Political Laboratory in the Fiction of Naomi Mitchison"
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poemC1630 "Pause in the Corrida"
poemC1640 "Pax Romana"
reviewed authorG6950 Robert Payne - The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi
poemC1650 "Peace" (16 line poem)
poemC1660 "Peace" (20 line poem)
news itemX3950 "Peace Appeal Authors Return from Soviet"
meetingV5180 "Peace Conference for Writers: Circulation of Appeal"
articleE6005 " 'Peace, Freedom and Democracy' "
telegramF3915 "Peace in Spain: A British Appeal to Mr. Roosevelt"
articleE6020 "Peggy Appiah"
thesisH6900 The pendulum is swinging backwards : gender, politics and modernity
poemC1665 "Pelion" (poem)
news itemX4700 "P.E.N. Conference - 1959
articleE6035 "P.E.N. Hospitable Reception in Holland"
meetingV4450 P.E.N. luncheon - Glasgow
letterF5555 "P.E.N. Soviet Centre"
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reviewed authorG3940 Lucy Fitch Perkins - The French Twins
reviewed authorG5620 Stewart Perowne - The Life and Times of Herod the Great
articleE6050 "Personal Adverisement"
news itemX0650 "Personal Paragraphs - 26 Aug 1932"
articleE6065 "Perthshire Sabbath"
articleE6080 "Peshawar in Spring"
letterF5120 "Peshawar in Spring"
reviewed bookG3340 Peter Abelard - by Helen Waddell
reviewed authorG8120 Niels Meyer, Helveg Peterson & Willy Sorenson - Revolt from the Centre
letterF7725 "Petroglyphs"
speechV4791 "Petrol Allowances for Country People"
discussionV4791 "Petrol Rationing"
speechV4791 "Petrol for Country Social Life"
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articleE6110 "Philip Ram"
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reviewed bookG6330 Pictorial History - by C R Wright
reviewed bookG3320 A Picture Book of Evolution - by C M Beadnell
review articleG3320 "Picture Books"
articleE6125 "Pieces of History Lost Forever"
articleE6140 "Pigeon Shoot"
articleE6155 "Pinks + Browns = People"
aboutJ4700 "A Pioneerng Feminist Visionary"
radioT3700 "The Piper Escapes"
articleE6170 "Pisan Panorama"
reviewed subjectG7340 The Boer War Diary of Sol T Plaatje - ed. John L Comaroff
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articleE6200 "A Plan for the Mound"
articleE6215 "Planning a Kitchen Complex"
songC1680 "The Plash Net"
articleE6230 "Platform Party"
review articleG8450 "The Pleasures of Reading. 1984"
poemC1690 "Plowing Eve"
reviewed bookG6750 The Plug at the Bottom of the Sea - by Robert Lamb
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storyB1460 "The Poachers"
songC1700 "Poacher's Song"
letterF6150 "Poaching for Fun"
reviewed bookG3300 Pocahontas, Or the Nonpareil of Virginia - by David Garnett
poemC1710 "Poem"
reviewed bookG3040 Poems - by W H Auden
reviewed bookG7700 Poems of C Day Lewis 1925-1972 - by Ian Parsons
readingV8775 "Poetry Reading" at Edinburgh Festival Theatre
readingV8774 "Poetry Reading" at the Third Eye Centre
readingV8425 "Poetry Reading" at University of California, San Diego
meetingV3225 "Poets and Politics"
articleE6245 "Poets and Prophets"
letterF3850 "Poets, Little Worlds and Spain"
review articleG6735 "The Poison Snake Cheerfully Lurking Behind the Angel-face"
articleE6260 "The Polaris Base"
academic bookH2925 Political and Social Issues in British Women's Fiction, 1928-1968
reviewed bookG8200 The Political Economy of Botswana - by Christopher Colclough & Stephen Mccarthy
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articleE6263 "Polaris Points"
review articleG7510 "Politics, Education and Influence"
articleE6267 "Politics in Botswana"
reviewed bookG8800 The Politics of Development In Botswana - by Louis A Picard
meetingV3225 "The Politics of the Poet"
reviewed bookG3360 Pollycon - by E F Stucley
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poemC1720 "The Poor Bride"
storyB1470 "The Poor Relation and the Secretary"
articleE6275 "Poorest Country"
letterF2825 "The Population Problem" - 6 Jul 1928
letterF2850 "The Population Problem" - 20 Jul 1928
letterF2875 "The Population Problem" - 17 Aug 1928
radioT4450 "Portrait of J B S Haldane"
reviewed bookG7510 Portrait of Haldane - by Eric Ashby & Mary Anderson
news itemV3552 "Position of Officers in the Forces" - 17 Aug 1928
thesisH6400 Possible worlds : the fiction of Naomi Mitchison
review articleG7640 "Possession and Cure"
articleE6290 "Possums on Lomondside"
conference paperH4035 "Post-Anthropocentric Genetic Images in Memoirs of a Spacewoman"
reviewed authorG3280 Raymond Postgate - No Epitaph
essayH3500 "Postmodernism and the Press in Naomi Mitchison's To the Chapel Perilous"
reviewed bookG6640 Postscript from Hiroshima - by Rafael Steinberg
articleE6305 "Postscript on Palestine II. Around and About Jerusalem"
poemC1730 "Postscript to a Conversation"
meetingV4375 "Post-War Scotland"
poemC1740 "Potato Planting"
novelA0790 The Powers of Light
storyB1480 "The Powers of Light"
letterN6100 8 letters from Llewelyn Powys
poemC1750 "Praise of Mochudi"
poemC1760 "Praise of the Lion Killer"
articleE6320 "Prayer for Rain"
reviewed authorG6320 John Prebble - The Highland Clearances
reviewed authorG6880 John Prebble - The Darien Disaster
excerptB1485 "The Preparation"
reviewed bookG6310 The Presence of Tibet - by Lois Lang-Sims
review articleG8950 "Present Lines"
sociologyA0800 Presenting Other People's Children
letterF4640 "Prestwick"
articleE6335 "The Price of a Binder"
bookA0810 The Price of Freedom
playD0210 "The Price of Freedom"
review articleG7048 "Priest and Priestess of the Bough"
reviewed authorG3720 J B Priestley - Midnight on the Desert
review articleG7712 "The Prime of Deacon Brodie"
storyB1490 "The Prince"
reviewed bookG6550 The Prince in the Heather - by Eric Linklater
playD2750 "Prisoners of War: A Tragedy"
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reviewed bookG6360 A Private Life - by Molly Izzard
articleE6340 "Privately and Publicly Owned Land ?"
news itemX0600 Prize Announcement
articleE6350 "The Problems of the Drifter-Men"
news itemX1000 "Prof. Kerr Replies to Opponent"
poemC1770 "Professor Whitehead and the Poets"
obituaryK1050 "Prolific Voice of Tumultuous Era"
letterF3475 "Propaganda in Vienna Today"
talkV8930 The Powys Society
letterF3555 "Prof. J. L. Stocks's Candidature"
poemC1780 "The Proposal"
letterF6320 "The Protectorates"
letterF3560 "Protest to Italian Embassy"
poemC1790 "Prothalamion"
articleE6358 "Proverbial Wisdom"
meetingV4790 "Provision of Village Halls"
articleE3043 "A Provocative Review"
lecturesV3775 "Psychological Foundations of Socialism"
reviewed bookG7784 The Public School Phenomenon - by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy
biographicalH1690 "Publish and be Damned"
songC1800 "Pure Grow the Little Ones"
review articleG7930 "A Pure Nonsense"
letterF3575 "Puritanism in Excess"
review articleG6020 "Put Not Your Trust in Princes"
articleE6365 "Puzzle - Name the Calf"
review articleG7560 "Puzzles in Paradise"
review articleG7845 "Puzzling Planner"
reviewed authorG6200 Magnus Pyke - The Science Myth
poemC1810 "Pythian XI"
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review articleG7739 "Queen of Heaven"
review articleG6300 "Queen of the Witches"
reviewed bookG8020 Queen Victoria's Highland Journals - ed. David Duff
reviewed bookG3250 Queer Street - by Edward Shanks
reviewed authorG3325 Peter Quennell - Sympathy and Other Stories
letterF8050 "Question of Priorities"
articleF6373 "A Question of Values"
letterF8035 "Questions for the Inner Cabinet"
poemC1820 "Quiet the Clock"
storyB1500 "Quintus Getting Well"
reviewed filmG5210 Quo Vadis
articleE6380 "Quote Me"
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poemC1830 "Raasay"
reviewed authorG3360 Arthur Rackham - The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book
letterF2950 "Radcliffe Infirmary - Demand for a Woman Doctor"
reviewed authorG3270 E J D Radclyffe - Magic and Mind
thesisH7350 Radical Intimacies: Affective Potential and the Politics of Love
reviewed bookG8220 The Radical Left in Britain 1931-1941 - by James Jupp
radioT6800 "Radio Lives: J B S Haldane"
poemC1840 "Rain"
reviewed bookG7170 A Rap on Race - by Margaret Mead and James Baldwin
storyB1510 "Rat-World"
speechV3421 "Rationalism and Socialism"
speechV3421 Rationalist Press Association
poemC1850 "Ravenna"
reviewed bookG7016 The Raw and the Cooked - by Claude Levi Strauss
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reviewed authorG7316 Antonia Reaburn - The Militant Suffragettes
articleE6395 "Readers' Motoring Tales - 79"
academic articleH4525 "Reading Between the Lines: The Politics of Authenticity in Naomi Mitchison's Vienna Diary"
meetingV5312 "Reading for Soviet Children: Return of Fairy Tales"
meetingV7820 "Readings, Poetry and Prose"
reviewed bookG6750 The Ready-Made Family - by Antonia Forest
academic articleH4600 "Real and Not Real: Naomi Mitchison's Philosophy of the Historical Novel"
reviewed bookG6400 Rebels Ride - by Ethel Mannin
news itemX1400 Reception at Lancaster House
news itemX1800 Reception at New Burlington Galleries
articleE6400 "Recollections of Jim Watson"
storyB1520 "The Red Fellows"
songC1860 "The Red Hackle"
review articleG3920 "Red Writers"
academic paperH3475 "Redefining the Fight Against Fascism: Rebecca West and Naomi Mitchison in the 1930s"
articleE64005 "Reduplication in Mice"
reviewed authorG7072 Kit Reed - An African School
edited bookA0820 Re-Educating Scotland
reviewed authorG7910 Maud Pember Reeves - Round About A Pound A Week
articleE6410 "Reflections in Committee"
news itemX0800 "Reform in Jeopardy"
review articleG6610 "Reforming Widow"
letterF5230 "Refusing Visas"
songC1860 "The Reid Hackle"
reviewed authorG7840 Alastair Reid - Weathering: Poems and Translations
reviewed authorG6970 R W Reid - Tongues of Conscience: War and the Scientist's Dilemma
reviewed bookG8950 Reindeer Moon - by Elizabeth Marshall Jones
speechV3440 Relief Committee for Victims of German Fascism
academicH2920 "The Relationship between Lady Naomi Mitchison and Kgosi Linche II and how it helped developing Mochudi"
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review articleG3410 "The Reluctant Feminist"
articleE6425 "Remember Kindly"
storyB1530 "Remember Me"
reviewed bookG3135 Remember Mrs. Munch - by Gerald Bullett
poemC1870 "Remembering 1926"
articleE6440 "Remembering Aldous Huxley"
articleE6455 extract from "Remembering Aldous Huxley"
academicH3300 "Remembering the Conquered: Naomi Mitchison's Anti-Imperialist Fiction"
articleE6470 "Remote Area"
reviewed bookG7778 The Renaissance of Wonder In Children's Literature - by Marion Lochhead
news itemX2600 "Rent Tribunal for South Argyll"
letterF3610 "Replies to Gerald Heard"
paperH4150 "Representations of Colonial Relations in Naomi Mitchison's Work"
review articleG8000 "Re-read any Good Books Lately ?"
articleE6485 "Rescue in Barra"
storyB1540 "The Return"
letterF2990 "The Return of the Long Skirt: What Women Think of it"
poetry collA0830 Return To Fairy Hill
articleE6500 "Return to Shetland"
articleE6515 "Return to the Delta"
articleE6530 "Return to the Delta - II"
review articleG7980 "Reviews of 2 Novels"
reviewed bookG8120 Revolt from the Centre - by Niels Meyer, Helveg Peterson & Willy Sorenson
review articleG6140 "Revolutionaries in England"
mock trialV3750 "Rex v Noah"
articleE6545 "Rhoda Power"
poemC1880 "The Rhodesian Woman"
novelA0840 The Rib of the Green Umbrella
review articleG8200 "Rich and Poor"
review articleG7088 "Rich and the Poor"
reviewed authorG3360 Laura E Richards - Tirra Lirra
reviewed authorG7680 Boyce Richardson - Strangers Devour the Land
thesisH6650 'The Riddle of Femininity': Re-reading Psychoanalytical Perspectives on Femininity in Three Scottich Novels
articleE6560 "Riddles of the Bakgatla"
letterN6200 3 letters from Laura Riding - 1937
reviewed authorG3920 Harry Kemp, Laura Riding & Others. - The Left Heresy In Literature and Life
reviewed authorG7624 Leni Riefenstahl - The Last of the Nuba
articleE6575 "The Right to Die"
-----A0845 Risng Public Voice: Women in Politics Worldwide
news itemX0400 Rivercourt House tragedy
filmT0500 The Road to Hell
poemC1890 "The Road to Rome"
reviewed subjectG7880 Paul Robeson Speaks - by Philip S Foner
storyB1550 "The Roc and the Dragons' Teeth"
radioT2750 "The Roc's Egg and the Dragon's Teeth"
radioT2900 "The Roc Trap"
storyB1560 "The Roc Trap"
articleE6583 "The Rock"
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collectionA0980 The Two Magicians
storyB1960 "The Two Magicians"
poemC2410 "Two Men and a Girl"
poemC2420 "Two Men at the Salmon Nets"
articleE7780 "Two Moderns: Virginia Woolf and T S Eliot"
poemC2430 "Two More French Towns"
poemC2440 "Two Old Women"
poemC2445 "Two Physicists"
review articleG3020 "Two Prophets"
articleE7790 "Two Scots Secretaries!"
articleE7805 "2000 Years Ago"
review articleG7950 "Two Travelling Females"
storyB1970 "The Two Wasps and the Parrot"
articleE7820 "Two-Way Career"
reviewed bookG6750 The Two Wise Children - by Robert Graves
articleE7835 "Type Casting"
letterF7875 "Typing Error"
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articleE7850 "U.K. Authoress Looks at America"
poemC2450 "Ulster"
reviewed bookG5580 The Ultimate Viking - by Eric Linklater
articleE7865 "An Unconventional Holiday. Mrs Mitchison's Trip on a Cargo Boat"
articleE7880 "An Unconventional Holiday. A Trip on a Cargo Boat. Pirate Seas"
poemC2460 "UNESCO Problems"
poemC2465 "The Unfertile Heart"
storyB1980 "The Unicorn Tax"
newsX9300 "The Unknown Naomi Mitchison"
poemC2470 "Up Loch Fyne"
articleE7895 "Up-Helly-Aa"
review articleG7520 "Urbane Guerrillas"
articleE7910 "The Urge to Aid Others is World Wide"
reviewed authorG7980 Fred Urquhart - Palace of Green Days - in Books and Bookmen
reviewed authorG7975 Fred Urquhart - Palace of Green Days - in The Glasgow Herald
articleE7925 "Us and the Giants"
storyB1990 "Us Mermaids"
articleE7933 "Using Our Total Resources: The Role of Women"
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aboutJ0700 "Valentine, Youngest Daughter of Naomi Mitchison"
storyB2000 "The Valley of Bushes"
poemC2480 "Valley of the Kings"
poemC2490 "Vallø Castle"
letterF6010 "The Value of Education for Women"
storyB2005 "The Varangs' Saga"
poemC2495 "Vase Room at the Louvre"
novelA0990 The Vegetable War
meetingV5185 "Verbal Harvest from a Seed Sown in Spring"
story groupB2010 "Vercingetorix and the Others"
poemC2500 "Vercingetorix in Alesia"
controversyF4848 "Vermin"
reviewed authorG8600 Betty D Vernon - Margaret Cole 1893-1980: A Political Biography
articleE7955 "Vienna"
bookA0700 Vienna Diary 1934
reviewed bookG7388 Viking Expansion Westward - by Magnus Magnusson
speechV4790 "Village Halls Needed"
radioT4360 "A Village in Southern Africa"
articleE7970 "Village Play-Making"
articleE7985 "A Village Praying for Rain"
reviewed authorG6855 C M Vines - A Little Nut-Brown Man
meetingV5465 "Violence in Children's Books"
reviewed bookG7616 The Virgin - by Geoffrey Ashe
reviewed bookG3050 The Virgin and the Gypsy - by D H Lawrence
academic paperH4590 "Virginia Woolf and Naomi Mitchison: A Study in Contrast"
articleE8000 "Visitor"
articleE8015 "A Visit to Karachi"
articleE8030 "A Visit to the Samaritans"
articleE8045 "Visit to the Western Isles"
letterF5480 "Visitors from Russia"
meetingV6115 "Visits to Polaris? Public Days Envisaged"
letterF6690 "Volunteers"
translationX0666 Vom Umgang mit Hexen: Erzählungen und Gedichte
review articleG7316 "The Vote and After"
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reviewed authorG3340 Helen Waddell - Peter Abelard
articleE9060 "Wager of the Lothian Road"
storyB2015 "Waifs of the Storm"
reviewed authorG5420 Augusta Walker - The Goat Boy
reviewed authorG6330 Dorothy Walker - Knight of the Middle Ages
reviewed bookG6130 Walking the Indian Streets - by Ved Mehta
letterF3980 "War Aims"
meetingV3550 "War or Peace Issue"
storyB2020 "The War Ship Sails"
news itemX2300 War Weapons Week
reviewed authorG6870 Esther Warner - The Crossing Fee
reviewed authorG7739 Marina Warner - Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and Cult of the Virgin Mary
storyB2030 "The Warning"
poemC2510 "Warning to a Chief"
articleE8075 "Wartime at Carradale"
articleE8090 "Wartime Days as a Volunteer on the Wards"
extractsE8098 "Wartime Diaries"
letterF5760 letter to James Watson - 3 Jul 1957
letterF5980 letter to James Watson - 2 Oct 1959
letterF6110 letter to James Watson - 19 Jan 1961
letterF6130 letter to James Watson - 3 May 1961
letterF6230 letter to James Watson - 5 Feb 1962
letterF6370 letter to James Watson - 29 Oct 1963
letterF6480 letter to James Watson - 28 Sep 1964
letterF6570 letter to James Watson - 6 Aug 1965
letterF6625 letter to James Watson - 30 Mar 1966
letterF6650 letter to James Watson - 27 Jun 1966
letterF6830 letter to James Watson - 22 Jan 1968
letterF6850 letter to James Watson - 25 Mar 1968
letterF6870 letter to James Watson - 5 May 1968
letterF7120 letter to James Watson - 4 Jan 1971
letterF9997 letter to James Watson - date unknown, published in 2012
articleE8105 "The Way to Throw the Party Line"
articleE8110 "The Way We Were: Pens Down, Please"
articleE8115 "The Way We Were: Schooldays"
reviewed bookG6660 Wayward Servants - by Colin M Turnbull
storyB2040 "Was it So"
reviewed subjectG8450 The Christian Watt Papers
storyB2050 "The Way it Worked Out"
articleE8120 "We and They"
articleE8125 "We are All Ambassadors"
interviewL8260 " 'We had dances on board with some of the crew . . .' "
novelA1000 We Have Been Warned
poemC2520 " 'We Have Not Quarrelled with the German People' - Pres. Wilson"
review articleG6635 "And We in Dreams . . ."
articleE8130 "We Want to Play: A Fundamental Right of Children and Adults"
meetingV3865 "Wealth and Poverty"
articleE8135 "Weather"
articleE8150 "The Weather and the Crops"
reviewed bookG7840 Weathering: Poems and Translations - by Alastair Reid
articleE8165 "A Welcome Reaction"
reviewed bookG6750 Welcome to Mars - by James Blish
storyB2055 "The Well-Brought-Up Young Lady"
articleE8180 "The Wells of Ritual"
review articleG9100 "Well-versed in the Making of a Poet"
articleE8195 "We're All Europeans Together"
articleE8210 "We're Writing a Book"
reviewed bookG5500 West Highland Survey - ed. Fraser Darling
reviewed authorG3050 Rebecca West - D H Lawrence
reviewed authorG9999 Michael G Whisson & Martin West (eds. ) - Religion & Social Change In Southern Africa
poemC2530 "Wester Ross"
poemC2535 "Westminster"
articleE8225 "Wet July"
articleE8240 "What About the Children ?"
articleE8245 "What About the Land ?"
articleE8255 "What am I Doing Among the Scientists ?"
articleE8270 "What Are We Afraid of ?"
articleE8275 "What Are We Like ?"
articleE8285 "What Community Developement is Not"
articleE8300 "What Dare I Hope ?"
review articleG2810 "What do Children Want ?"
addressV3825 "What Do the People Really Want ?"
articleE8315 "What Does a Socialist Women Do?"
storyB2060 "What Do You Think Yourself ?"
collectionA1010 What Do You Think Yourself ? : Scottish Short Stories
articleE8330 "What Evacuation Taught Us"
review articleG8550 "What Has Made Scotland Run - or Stumble ?"
articleE8345 "What is the Enemy?"
edited bookA1020 What Is the Human Race Up To
storyB2065 "What Happened"
storyB2070 "What Kind of Lesson ?"
articleE8360 "What No Lady Talked About"
articleE8375 "What Soviet Citizens Really Think of 'The Russian Wives' "
reviewed bookG3320 What Time Is It ? - by M Ilin
articleE8390 "What to do with the Big House"
review articleG3940 "What We Like"
review articleG3015 "What We Ought to Have Known"
review articleG3800 "What-I-Always-Thought"
reviewed bookG7950 Wheels Within Wheels - by Dervla Murphy
aboutJ5700 "When Britain was Good for Breeding"
articleE8395 "When Did Civilisation Start"
articleE8400 "When I Put in My Hay in Scotland I Always Think of My Friends in Botswana"
aboutH3400 "When Naomi Met Doris"
review articleG8910 "When Pain Comes Closer to Home"
articleE8405 "When Scots Pay Tribute"
articleE8410 "When Should a Child be Admitted to School"
storyB2080 "When the Bough Breaks"
collectionA1030 When the Bough Breaks And Other Stories
novelA1040 When We Become Men
poemC2540 " 'When You are Unhappy' "
reviewed bookG6330 Where Is John ? - by Lily Mosheim
reviewed bookG8210 Where the Leopard Passes - by Geraldine Elliott
articleE8415 "Where We Stand"
articleE8420 "Whisky and Sin"
articleE8435 "White House and Marked Tree"
articleE8450 "White Nights"
reviewed authorG2510 Edward Lucas White - Helen
reviewed authorG6410 W H Whiteley - A Selection of African Prose: Traditional Oral Texts
reviewed authorG6410 W H Whiteley - A Selection of African Prose: Written Prose
radioT4190 "Whither Now?"
articleE8458 "Who and Why?"
songC2550 "Who Eateth the Snow"
articleE8465 "Who is Your President? Asks Botswana"
articleE8470 "Who Shall Answer for this Crime?"
articleE8477 "Who will be the Next American President"
storyB2090 " 'Who will You Have for Nuts in May ?' "
review articleG9010 "Who's Reading Whom"
articleE8473 entry in Who's Who
review articleG6750 "Why Not Grown-ups Too ?"
articleE8480 "Why We Fall in Love"
articleE8495 "Why We Need More Women in Partliament"
articleE8500 "Widen the Educational Pyramid"
poemC2560 "The Widow"
reviewed authorG5110 Norbert Wiener - The Human Use of Human Beings
storyB2100 "The Wife of Aglaos"
reviewed bookG3400 Widdy-Waddy-Wurkey - by Rose Fyleman and Valerie Carrick
reviewed bookG7736 The Wild Boy of Aveyron - by Harlan Lane
storyB2105 "The Wild Dogs"
playD0260 "Wild Men Invade the Roman Empire"
radioT1550 "Wild Men Invade the Roman Empire"
review articleG4920 " 'Wild Poets Chasing Stars': A Bard Who Picks Up the Song of the Future"
poemC2570 ("Wild Rider With Hounds Afoot")
poemC2580 "Wild Swan at Port Meirion"
articleE8510 "The Wild Woods of Maine"
articleE8525 "Will Red Indians Camp on the Roundabout?"
reviewed authorG6330 Betty Williams - Know About Newspapers
reviewed authorG6430 Maslyn Williams - Stone Age Island
reviewed authorG8920 Raymond Williams - People of the Black Mountains
reviewed authorG2500 A Williams-Ellis - Noah's Ark
reviewed authorG5600 Henry Williamson - A Fox Under My Cloak
reviewed bookG6330 Willy Is My Brother - by Peggy Parish
reviewed authorG8420 A N Wilson - Hilaire Belloc
reviewed authorG5510 Erle Wilson - Minada
reviewed authorG6930 Monica Wilson & Leonard Thompson (eds.) - The Oxford History of South Africa: Vol. I
reviewed authorG2810 Romer Wilson - Green Magic
poemC2590 "A Win for the Whisky"
poemC2600 "Winchester"
articleE8440 "Windows"
articleE8555 "Winds and Seedlings"
articleE8670 "Winds of a Very Different Change"
articleE8585 "Windy Stornaway"
storyB2110 "The Wine Merchant"
poemC2605 "Winifred Holtby"
articleE8600 "Winter Fishing"
newsX9000 "Wisdom Bid Wins"
poemC2610 "Wise Diotima"
quotationsE8603 "Wit and Wisdom"
reviewed bookG6465 Witch Doctor - by Michael Gelfand
letterF3715 "Without Fairy Tales"
storyB2120 "With the Fishing"
thesisH7100 Witness to the Century
storyB2130 "The Witnesses"
reviewed authorG6960 Joseph Wolff - A Mission to Bokhara
poemC2620 "Woman Alone"
poemC2630 "Woman at a Party"
aboutH1550 "The Woman from the Big House"
book extractH2648 "A Woman in a Hundred"
aboutJ0300 "A Woman of the Day"
radioT4170 Woman's House - Guest of the Week
aboutJ5600 "The Woman Who Decided Communism Was Sharing Ideals and Bodies"
reviewed bookG8240 Women Against Men - by Storm Jameson
reviewed bookG3410 Women and a Changing Civilisation - by Winifred Holtby
televisionT6350 "Women of the Century: Naomi Mitchison"
aboutH2250 "Women Poets and the Audenesque Style"
reviewed bookG7316 Women, Resistance and Revolution - by Shiela Rowbotham
radioT5750 "Women Today"
articleE8607 entry in Women's Who's Who
articleE8615 "Women Talking"
articleE8630 "The Women who Found a Voice in Africa"
letterF5150 "Women's Magazines"
letterF3830 Women's World Committee against War and Fascism
articleE8645 "Wonderful Deathless Ditties"
reviewed bookG6330 The Wonders of Life On Earth - ed. Anon
poemC2640 " 'A Wood Near Athens' "
reviewed authorG5800 Shirley Wood - A Street in China
letterF6920 letter to Dorothy Woodman
storyB2140 "Words"
poem sectionC2645 "Work and Love"
letterF3730 "The World and Ourselves"
articleE8653 "Working with Wyndham Lewis"
radioT4150 "Working up a Historical Novel"
speechV3660 World Congress of Faiths
radioT4255 World of Books - 20 Jul 1963
reviewed bookG7845 The World of Patrick Geddes - by Philip Boardman
letterF8915 "World Statement" in defence of Salman Rushdie
reviewed bookG6630 The World that was Ours - by Hilda Bernstein
reviewed bookG7800 World Within World - by Stephen Spender
reviewed authorG6330 C R Wright - Pictorial History
reviewed authorG3015 Helena Wright - The Sex Factor In Marriage
reviewed authorG7810 Gordon Wright - Macdiarmid: An Illustrated Biography
articleE8660 "The Writ"
articleE8675 "The Writer and the Child"
articleE8690 "A Writer at Work"
aboutJ3500 "Writer, 82, Gives Counsel"
review articleG8940 "A Writer in Residence"
news itemX5050 "Writer Opens Scottish Flower Show"
appreciationK1100 "Writer with an Unquenchable Spirit for Life"
articleE8700 "Writer Without Papers"
news itemX5100 Writers Conference
letterF3750 "Writers' Conference in Valencia: The Refusal of Visas"
meetingV5185 "Writers Define Their Peace Aims"
advertisementJ3200 "Writers for Europe"
letterF5515 "Writers from Hungary"
articleE8705 "Writers in the Soviet - and in Britain"
televisionT7700 "Writers in the 30s: Left of Centre"
articleE8720 "Writers in the U.S.S.R."
letterF3750 "Writers Object to Ban"
aboutJ2400 "Writers Offer Czechs Refuge"
letterF3750 "Writers' Protest: Refused Visas for Spain"
academicH4240 "Writing and Living New Worlds: Socialism, Sex and Emotions"
articleE8735 "Writing Historical Novels"
academicH3650 "Writing New Worlds: Love, Emotion, Sex and Politics"
articleE8750 "Writing the Historical Novel"
radioT5900 "Wyndham Lewis"
lettersN5900 15 letters from Wyndham Lewis - between 5 May 1931 and 9 Apr 1951
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poem sectionC2645 "XIII: Work and Love"
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articleE8765 "The Yacht 'Avrion' " - part I
articleE8780 "The Yacht 'Avrion' " - part II
articleE8795 "The Year of the Good Hay"
articleE8810 "The Year of the Late Harvest"
articleE8825 "A Year's Work Done"
reviewed bookG6855 The Years of The Week - by Patrick Cockburn
poemC2650 "Yes, But"
articleE8840 "Yes or No? the Market and Referenda"
articleE8855 "Yesterday and Tomorrow"
reviewed bookG7900 Yesterday's Witness - by James Cameron
reviewed authorG5420 Ylla - Two Little Bears
reviewed authorG3500 Charlotte Yonge - The Little Duke
reviewed bookG8430 You Are Now Entering the Human Heart - by Janet Frame
autobiogA1060 You May Well Ask : A Memoir 1920-1940
reviewed authorG6650 B A Young - Bechuanaland
reviewed authorG3250 Francis Brett Young - The House Under the Water
articleE8862 "Young Africans' Hunger for Education . . . and One Attempt to Satisfy It"
novelA1070 The Young Alexander the Great
novelA1080 The Young Alfred the Great
articleE8870 "Young Auden"
articleE8855 "Young Chief with a Big Problem"
articleE8900 "The Young Laird"
articleE8915 "Young People and History"
articleE8930 "The Young Probationer"
reviewed bookG3250 Young Woman of 1914 - by Arnold Zweig
review articleG6650 "The Youngest Country"
reviewed bookG3400 The Youngest Omnibus - ed. Anon
reviewed authorG7344 A J Youngson - After the Forty-Five: The Economic Impact on the Scottish Highlands
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articleE8945 "Zagreb"
reviewed authorG5810 Taya Zinkin - India Changes
reviewed authorG4050 Zinsser - As I Remember Hum
reviewed bookG3400 Zoo Calendar - by L R Brightwell
reviewed authorG3250 Arnold Zweig - Young Woman of 1914
letter***** "Defence of South Africa 'Goes Too Far' " *** NO DETAILS IN LETTERS SECTION
letter***** "Education in Scotland" *** NO DETAILS IN LETTERS SECTION
letter***** "Emotion and Economics" *** NO DETAILS IN LETTERS SECTION