Cover art by Alison Richards


ed. Alison Richards

A filk book produced especially for "Conthirteena" - the 13th annual British filk convention. Seventy-five songs, many with original music and/or guitar chords. and at least 50 illustrations.

All of the convention's Guests of Honour - Barry and Sally Childs-Helton (USA). and Tim and Annie Walker (UK) and Special Guest Scott Snyder (USA) - are featured along with many other fine writers from Britain, Europe and the Americas.

Paperback, 112 pages.
A4 wiro-bound with plastic front cover protector..
Publication date 1 February 2001

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ISBN (10) 1 - 870824 - 43 - 1
ISBN (13) 9781 - 870824 - 43 - 9

Contents list by author for ACCESS ALL ARIAS

Philip Allcock
Unknown Stars
Dan Bennett
Experts in the Field
There's a Song in there Somewhere
Brian Biddle
Pickman's Model
Suddenly Igor
The Undead Hippopotamus Song
Paul Bristow
In an Ancient Spacedock
In Your Eyes
Whatever Happened to the Bogton Boys?
Vanessa Chan
Christopher Marlow
Demon Lover or The Incubus Blues
Immortal Blood
Barry Childs-Helton
Caroling with a Rotten Cold
Pavlov Bells
Those Cold War Days
Sally Childs-Helton
Goin' Down the Cosmic Drain
Lawrence Dean
A Stitch in Time
Miki Dennis
Danse Macabre
The Wild Hunt
The Coleridge Banana
Jessica Graham
Evil Overlords Anonymous
Juliane Honisch
Terra Incognita
Rhodri James
Hope and Honour
Chris Joliffe
Greensleeves, the Sequel
Talis Kimberley
Chris Malme
Buffy's Final Adventure
Buggy Software
McDonald's Privateers
Template of Revenge
Erica Neely
Christopher Robin
Not Everybody Dies
Red Roses
Was It Real?
Zander Nyrond
His Song
Sarah Brightman's Murky Past Exposed
Well, That's How I Pronounce It
Nigel Parsons
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler
The Passing Of Time
Alasdair Prett
A Hobbit's Holiday
Judith Proctor
A Time when I knew Magic
Battle Hymn of the Rebellion
Messing About in a Spaceship
Alison Richards
Hordes of Mordor
Up On The Stage
Mike Richards
Record It Yourself
Red Dawn
The Twighlight Harper
Will Ye Come Back Home?
Mike Richards, FanTom & Teddy
It Was Late and We Were Tired
Rachel S. Silverman
Being Friends
Tech Support Hold Blues
Till Daddy takes the Keyboard Away
W. Scott Snyder
PC Cycle, Book One: Magic User "Level One"
The Palm Pilot(TM) Blues V1.2
The Showdown
Kate Soley
Mews For Maggie
Kate Soley Barton
Moggies of Air
Kate Soley & Marion Beet
My Little Centaur
Jacob Sommer
A Modern Filking Spectacle
I Never Was Much Of A One For Joining In...
Anke Teschke
Oliver Thornton
All Go Home Together
Anne Walker
Love Song For Friends
S & M Penguins
Tim & Anne Walker
Swamp Thing
The Silmarillion