Mike Ashley


Barry Bayley
photo by Roger Robinson

This was the very first Beccon publication, being produced for the convention in 1981 where Barry Bayley was to be GOH. The committee asked him for a bibliography/list of works so that we could print it in the programme book. He replied that he couldn't recall all the details, but he was sure that Mike Ashley - an inveterate bibliographer - could do so.

... a note from the compiler ...
"The following bibliography attempts to cover all English language editions of all BJB's books and reprintings of his short fiction. It does not cover BJB's extensive contributions to the juvenile comic-book field. He did mostly text stories, serials, and features for both papers and annuals. The longest running of these was 'The Astounding Jason Hyde' in Valiant"

Paperback, 8 pages.
A5 saddle-stapled.
Publication date 1 August 1981

Price was - UKú0.50

ISBN (10) 1 - 870824 - 03 - 2
ISBN (13) 9781 - 870824 - 03-3