Cover art by Countess Axylides


ed. Lissa Allcock

from the editor's introduction

".... Intersection won its bid to hold the Worldcon in Glasgow in 1995. Shortly after .... looking for someone mug enough to create a mighty songbook in honour of the occasion. Not knowing what I was letting myself in for, I volunteered .....Time went past. I harassed songs out of people (and a few even volunteered theirs) ... I even put a few of the songs into the computer.....
... I think this is quite a good songbook. It certainly has some very nice songs in it, and some wonderful artwork..... here it is! I hope you enjoy it."

Forty-eight songs, many with original music and/or guitar chords - more than thirty authors, and seven illustrators.

Paperback, unpaginated (48 songs).
A4 wiro-bound.
Publication date 26 Aug 1995

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ISBN (10) 1 - 870824 - 36 - 9
ISBN (13) 9781 - 870824 - 36 - 1

Contents list by author for UNDER LOCH AND KEY

Lissa Allcock
And I Love Him
Philip Allcock
Golden Gypsy
Teddy Bear's Spacewalk
Yesterday's PC
Kluggers The Barred
The Captain's Return
D J Bass
Call Me Al
Bill Brang
James T. Kirk
Paul Bristow
Play "Before The Dawn"
Shopping Trip
Mike Browne
Hobbes The Magic Tiger
Traditional & Robert Day
Postman's Knock
Lawrence Dean
Groundhog Day
The Good Times
The Passing Of Time
Michele Dennis
Jurassic Park Picnic
The Ecstasy Of Flight
Marianne J Dyson
If I Can't Go
There's A Space For Us
Donald E Eastlake
Charlie on the UFO
Dick Eney
Aura of Dread
Onward (your ad here!) Soldiers
The Agincourt Banana
Arthur Pen-Who?
Lord Of Halflight
Barbie in a Battlesuit
Lee Gold
The Long Watch
Judith Hayman
Aux Étoiles
Long Lullaby
Juliane Honisch
The Decision
Valerie Housden
Following In Valentina's Footsteps
Marina Jadrejcic
From Dream To Dream
Rhodri James
Solar Sailors
Bob Kanefsky
Making Love Weighing Nothing At All
Talis Kimberley
Lissa, Now Look What You Made Me Do...
Kathy Mar
Song Of A Dryad
When Giants Walked
Zander Nyrond
Dog Wizard
The Unknown
Nigel Parsons
Science Fact For Science Fiction
Michael Rubin
Tom Smith
A Boy and His Frog
On The PC
Kate Soley
Librarian, Song Of The
Roger Burton West
Lunatic World