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Serious Scientific Talks

Bob Shaw


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This booklet was produced by Beccon Publications for Confabulation,
the 1995 British National SF Convention. where Bob Shaw was GOH.
Each member of the convention received a copy of the booklet,
and the remaining copies of the 1000-copy print-run went on sale.
All profits from the sale of this booklet after the convention
are being donated to the RNIB Talking Book Fund.

A collection of ten of Bob Shaw's humorous speeches, mainly given at the British Eastercons between 1974 and 1988. This includes all of the speeches from The Eastercon Speeches (1979) and Serious Science (1984); plus two others.
Introduction by Alison Scott (the convention chair) and illustrated by Jim Barker.

Bob Shaw(1931 - 1996) was a science fiction author and fan. He was born and raised in Belfast and became widely known on both sides of the Atlantic for his fan writing - along with other Irish writers such as Jim White and Walt Willis.
Most of Shaw's novels are serious, but he was known in the fan community for his wit. Every year at the British science fiction convention Eastercon - and elsewhere - he would deliver a humorous speech.

Paperback, 94 pages.
A5 perfect-bound.
Publication date 14 April 1995

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Contents list for A LOAD OF OLD BoSh

Introduction - Alison Scott

A Note from the Author - Bob Shaw
Tynecon 1974 The Need for BAD Science Fiction
Seacon, 1975 Time-Travellers Among Us
Mancon, 1976. The Return of the Backyard Spaceship
Eastercon, 1977 The Bermondsey Triangle Mystery
Skycon, 1978 Up the Conjunction: An Investigation into Astrology
Channelcon, 1982 Beyond Cosmos
Albacon II, 1983 Conning Your Way
Seacon/Eurocon, 1984 Ten Years, But Not Decayed
Aussiecon II, August 1985 Worldcon After Dinner Speech
Follycon, 1988 A Serious Scientific Talk