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Sean Wallace &
Philip Harbottle

Photo of E C "Ted" Tubb
by Roger Robinson

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Across five decades, under his own name and some sixty pseudonyms, Tubb has produced an incredible amount of science fiction, supernatural fiction, adventure, detective, historical and western fiction, contained in more than 200 short stories and novelettes and over 130 books. His work has been reprinted all over the world in more than a dozen languages.

Now, for the very first time, all of these hundreds of stories and books have been identified and evaluated. Harbottle and Wallace have produced a bibliography that is so comprehensive that it sets an entirely new standard for the field. It not only lists each story and novel with full publishing information, including cover artists and illustrators, but also carries an incisive critique and commentary for each story.

All reprints and anthology appearances are also noted, as well as foreign language translations and the book is extensively illustrated and indexed. An indespensible reference work for the discerning collector, it can also be read and enjoyed by any fan of the author as a book in its own right.

Sean Wallace, who was born in Miami in 1976, has been an SF/Fantasy reader for more years than he cares to remember. His interest in E C Tubb started in the late 1980s when the search for all the Dumarest novels led him to further research.

Philip Harbottle, who was born in Wallsend (on Tyneside) in 1941, first became interested in SF and Fantasy, at age three, when he was taken to see a Disney cartoon. He has edited an SF magazine Vision of Tomorrow, and has been a literary agent and consultant, and more recently has been editing the Gryphon Books SF Rediscovery series.

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