Front cover art by Sue Mason


ed. Alison Richards

from the editor's introduction

" I was flattered to be aked to produce the 2005 Worldcon songbook for Interaction, but I did wonder what I was letting myself in for. This time I would be collecting songs from all over the world, not just one country. ......... The collection of songs has gradually grown. It started with a few songs on vastly different topics. Gradually more songs trickled in and the gaps started to fill as the topics spread even broader. Within this book you'll find songs from two continents; songs on science fiction, on space flight and technology, and on fantasy; parodies, spoken verse, and songs that are both serious and silly. .... Come and join me - under filk wood."

Seventy-one songs, many with original music and/or guitar chords - more than thirty authors, and eight illustrators.

Paperback, 128 pages.
A4 wiro-bound.
Publication date 4 August 2005

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ISBN (10) 1 - 870824 - 53 - 9
ISBN (13) 9781 - 870824 - 53 - 8

Contents list by author for UNDER FILK WOOD

Philip Allcock
Crying all the Way to the Bank...
The Beacon Men of Gondor
The Last Song
The Red Star
Third-Hand Songs
Guy Arnold
Two Days from Homeworld
Kate Soley Barton
Triple Harmony (In Three Parts)
D J Bass
My Lute (Unfortunately)
Brian Biddle
Alien Salad Invasion
Paul Bristow
Arthur's Lament
In Dreams
Lords of Time
Right said Ace
What I'm Running From
Deborah Crook
Down in the Hotel Lobby
1/2r Cruttenden
Fantasia on a Theme by an American (whose name I forget)
Pick, Play, Pass or Pickled
Follow My Love
Lucky Those
Lawrence Dean
A Violet, Klaus and Sunny Afternoon
First Flight
Following Our Dreams
Mobile Phobia
Snape Fan
Miki Dennis
Jack in the Green
Tobit's Song
Under Filk Wood
Kate Gladstone
Magic, Incorporated
The Star Beast
Juliane Honisch
Fading Day
Raunacht Warnung
Sweet Poison
Valerie Housden
Afraid of the Dark
If You Want A Job Done
Talis Kimberley
Covenant's Gold
Head of a Pin
Kitchen Heroes
When I was a Mermaid
Sibylle Machat
The Evil Eyeball
The Penguin Matchmaking Song
Gary McGath
Lullaby for a Benevolent Despot
Mark A. Mandel
Make It Clear
Erica Neely
Hello Stranger
Saturday Nights
Zander Nyrond
War Hero
Emily Raftery
Death Dance
Mike Richards
Witches' Hall
Mike Richards, Alison Richards
Mich Sampson
Just Beyond
Pete Smith
Gandalf The Red
Hamsters in Heaven
Jacob Sommer
Cthulhu Cthonnection
Anke Teschke
Oliver Thornton
Life of a Sun
Teddy, Tom Nanson, Mike Richards
The X-men Cometh or An Insurance Claim
David Weingart
Tree & Dragon
Peter Westhead
The Dumb Boy
Eva Wiest
Matter of Delaying
Robert Wynne, Larissa March
The Last March of Gondor