Cover art by Sue Mason


Fred Smith

Listed in the 2002 Locus Recommended Reading List for Non-Fiction

Shortlisted for 2002 BSFA Award for "best related book"

"This little book is both a useful reference source and a delightful exercise in nostalgia."
- opening sentence of a review in SFRA Review #259-60

Reviews also appeared in -    Foundation #87    and    Vector #225

This book came out of a series of articles written by Glasgow fan Fred Smith about Unknown magazine - later retitled Unknown Worlds. He wrote a synopsis and criticism of each issue, originally for publication in Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer's award-winning fanzine Banana Wings.

Here they are collected into a book, illustrated in the appropriate style by Hugo-winning fan artist Sue Mason. Also included are comprehensive indexes to the stories, the authors, the artists and the letter writers. For the first time ever it includes a cross-reference between the British and American editions of the magazine, and various later anthologies. For various complicated reasons Unknown was actually published in the UK for six years after the US version folded.

The indexes were done, as all good bibliographies should be, from the original magazines themselves, not from other listings. Several errors in previous reference works have thereby been corrected.

Paperback, 108 pages.
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Publication date 1 July 2002

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