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Paul Kincaid

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" ... a vital map for a barely expolored area of the fantastic in British literature. It speaks of wonders waiting to be found ..." Andrew M Butler, Foundation 67

This book was published by the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) in conjunction with Beccon Publications. It bears the subtitle "A Short History of British Fantasy and Science Fiction" and covers the field from the earliest days to the present time. It also contains both a bibliography and a chronology.

Paul Kincaid is a critic and reviewer - a regular contributor to a variety of magazines and journals, such as the BSFA's Vector, Foundation and the New York Review of Science Fiction. He has also contributed to many SF reference works. In 2006 he retired after 11 years as Administrator of the Arthur C Clarke award - and also received the prestigious Clareson Award from the Science Fiction Research Association.

Paperback, 64 pages.
A5 saddle-stapled.
Publication date 26 August 1995.

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