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Over 3700 sf-related pseudonyms revealed! At the time of publication it listed more than twice as many names as any other book. Names are listed in Real & Pseudonym orders - and are differentiated into names used for stories and those used for books. A list of reference sources is included.

"[I]t has shown itself accurate and comprehensive. By sourcing each attribution, so that readers can weigh the reliability of the ascriptions, it aspires to a greater methodological sophistication than is often found in sf scholarship." John Clute - Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

Roger Robinson has been an active sf fan for more than 25 years. His main interest, other than reading hard sf, is bibliographic research - and to further this cause started Beccon Publication in the early 1980s. Now retired from full-time employment he helps out at a specialist bookshop, and also does data collection work for a major sf encyclopedia project.

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Publication date 17 August 1987.

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