Books and Pamphlets listed in Chronological Order

1913 A0850 play Saunes Bairos
1923 A0270 novel The Conquered
1924 A1030 collection When the Bough Breaks and Other Stories
1925 A0250 novel Cloud Cuckoo Land
1926 A0560 poetry collection The Laburnum Branch
1928 A0070 biography/history Anna Comnena
1928 A0180 collection Black Sparta
1928 A0730 play collection Nix-Nought-Nothing
1929 A0120 collection Barbarian Stories
1930 A0260 pamphlet Comments On Birth Control
1930 A0490 collection The Hostages and Other Stories
1931 A0200 collection Boys and Girls and Gods
1931 A0280 novel The Corn King and the Spring Queen
1931 A0530 play Kate Crackernuts
1931 A0810 play co-authored The Price of Freedom
1932 A0780 ed essays An Outline for Boys and Girls and Their Parents
1932 A0790 novel The Powers of Light
1933 A0300 collection The Delicate Fire
1934 A0480 current affairs The Home and a Changing Civilisation
1934 A0700 diary Naomi Mitchison's Vienna Diary
1935 A0150 illustrated novel Beyond This Limit
1935 A0855 pamphlet Scottish Universities Parliamentary Election, 1935. The Labour Candidate, Naomi Mitchison
1935 A1000 novel We Have Been Warned
1936 A0390 collection The Fourth Pig
1937 A0330 play collection An End and a Beginning and Other Plays
1937 A0900 biography Socrates
1938 A0660 ethics The Moral Basis of Politics
1939 A0030 long poem The Alban Goes Out
1939 A0100 play co-authored As it Was in the Beginning
1939 A0190 novel The Blood of the Martyrs
1939 A0460 play collection Historical Plays For Schools - Series I
1939 A0470 play collection Historical Plays For Schools - Series II
1939 A0550 personal belief The Kingdom of Heaven
1944 A0820 edited booklet Re-Educating Scotland
1947 A0220 novel The Bull Calves
1948 A0720 play collection Nix-Nought-Nothing & Elfen Hill
1949 A0640 factual Men and Herring
1950 A0160 novel The Big House
1950 A0710 election pamphlet Naomi Mitchison the Labour Candidate
1951 A0920 play co-authored Spindrift
1952 A0610 novel Lobsters on the Agenda
1952 A0970 novel Travel Light
early 50s A0450 policy document Highlands and Islands
1954 A0420 children's novel Graeme and the Dragon
1954 A0950 factual The Swan's Road
1955 A0570 novel The Land the Ravens Found
1955 A0960 novel To the Chapel Perilous
1956 A0590 novel Little Boxes
1957 A0130 novel Behold Your King
1957 A0360 children's novel The Far Harbour
1957 A0380 collection Five Men and a Swan
1958 A0080 pamphlet Artist Laird
1958 A0770 travelogue Other People's Worlds
1959 A0510 novel Judy and Lakshmi
1960 A0370 local history A Fishing Village On the Clyde
1960 A0840 novel The Rib of the Green Umbrella
1960 A1070 juvenile novel The Young Alexander the Great
1961 A0110 novel The Barbarian
1961 A0520 novel Karensgaard
1961 A0800 factual Presenting Other People's Children
1962 A0630 novel Memoirs of A Spacewoman
1962 A1020 edited essays What the Human Race Is Up To
1962 A1080 novel The Young Alfred the Great
1963 A0340 children's novel The Fairy Who Couldn't Tell a Lie
1964 A0040 history Alexander the Great
1964 A0430 children's novel Henny and Crispies
1965 A0540 novel Ketse and the Chief
1965 A0650 novel A Mochudi Family
1965 A1040 novel When We Become Men
1966 A0400 children's novel Friends and Enemies
1966 A0830 collection Return to Fairy Hill
1967 A0170 children's novel The Big Surprise
1967 A0440 children's novel Highland Holiday
1968 A0010 collection African Heroes
1969 A0310 children's novel Don't Look Back
1969 A0350 children's novel The Family at Ditlabeng
1970 A0020 history The Africans : A History
1970 A0930 novel Sun and Moon
1972 A0240 novel Cleopatra's People
1973 A0290 children's novel The Danish Teapot
1973 A0580 biography A Life for Africa
1973 A0880 autobiography Small Talk
1973 A0940 novel Sunrise Tomorrow
1974 A0760 policy document Oil for the Highlands ?
1975 A0050 autobiography All Change Here
1975 A0870 lecture transcript Sittlichkeit
1975 A0910 novel Solution Three
1976 A0890 novel Snake !
1977 A0210 children's collection The Brave Nurse and Other Stories
1978 A0230 poetry collection The Cleansing of the Knife
1978 A0980 collection The Two Magicians
1979 A1060 autobiography You May Well Ask
1980 A0500 collection Images of Africa
1980 A0990 novel The Vegetable War
1981 A0670 autobiography Mucking Around
1981 A0680 autobiog pamphlet Naomi Mitchison
1981 A0690 autobiog booklet Naomi Mitchison
1982 A0620 biography Margaret Cole 1893-1980
1982 A1010 collection What Do You Think Yourself ?
1983 A0740 novel Not By Bread Alone
1985 A0060 autobiography Among You Taking Notes
1986 A0140 collection Beyond This Limit
1987 A0320 novel Early In Orcadia
1989 A0090 autobiography As It Was
1990 A0410 collection A Girl Must Live
1991 A0750 novel The Oath-Takers
1991 A0860 novel Sea-Green Ribbons
2006 A0973 collection Travel Light with The Varangs' Saga
2009 A0343 collection Essays and Journalism 2 - Carradale