General articles about NMM
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J0300 "A Woman of the Day" (article "from a correspondent")
  17 Dec 1928 pp 6 of "The Yorkshire Post"
J0500 "Naomi Mitchison" (portrait)
  30 May 1931 pp ?645 of "Time and Tide" (v??.#??)
Illustration: Full page portrait of NMM by Wyndham Lewis
J0600 "An Impression of Two Women Novelists: Naomi Mitchison & G B Stern" (article by Coralie Clarke Rees)
  13 Mar 1934 pp 3 of "The West Australian" (newspaper)
Paper is published in Perth (WA) and the article is dated: - London, 11 Feb 1934.
J0630 "Naomi Mitchison" (portrait)
  Dec 1934 pp ?? of "Bookman Christmas 1934" (v??.#??)
Illustration: Full page drawing of NMM by Everington
J0700 "Valentine, Youngest Daughter of Naomi Mitchison" (uncredited article)
  15 Feb 1935 pp 4 of "The Daily Express"
An article in the "Other People's Children" series - detailing a day in the life of Val Mitchison.
Illustration: Photograph of VM riding a donkey.
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J1000 "My Favourite Forgotten Book" (article by Henry Treece)
  Jul 1951 pp 59-61 of "Tomorrow" (v10.#11)
J1200 "Highland Barley and Local Whisky Distilling" (article by Campbell K Finlay)
  29 Sep 1953 pp 4 of "The Glasgow Herald"
Article mentions NMM's suggestions (where ??) that crofters should be encouraged to distill their own whisky.
J1400 "Naomi, Friend of the Gaels" (article by Malcolm K Macmillan)
  8 Oct 1955 pp 36 of "Picture Post" - with a photograph, by Malcolm Dunbar, titled "Naomi the Fisherwoman"
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J1800 "British Novelist who 'Mothers' Africans Finds Time to Write, Too" (article about NMM)
  1 May 1964 pp ?? of "The Northern News" - newspaper published in Ndola, Zambia.
Illustration: Photograph of NMM with a group of Bakgatla children
J1900 "Mrs. Mitchison: 'Little Scottish Grandmother' " (article)
  29 May 1964 pp ?? of "The Kettering Leader" - Northamptonshire newspaper
Article is almost entirely a credited reprint of an article by Wilf Nussey in "The Johannesburg Star"
J2000 "Eighteen Grandchildren and a Rather Nasty Pony" (article)
  7 Aug 1964 pp ?? of "The Glasgow Herald"
J2200 "Scottish Mother for an African Tribe" (article about NMM)
  Sep 1966 pp 86-93 of "Harper's Magazine" (v233.#1396) - includes a photograph of NMM
J2400 "Writers Offer Czechs Refuge" (article about NMM)
  2 Sep 1968 pp 3 of "The Glasgow Herald"
Report on NMM and Lord Ritchie-Calder talking at a Society of Authors meeting
J2500 "Not Amused" (article)
  27 Sep 1968 pp ?? of "The Guardian" - in the Miscellany column
Illustration: Photographs of NMM
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J2800 "African Queen" (article about NMM)
  10 Nov 1971 pp 4 of "The Daily Mirror"
Illustration: Photograph
J3000 "Naomi Mitchison's three lives" (article by John Clare)
  12 Jun 1974 pp 14 of "The Times" - Illustration: Photograph of NMM
J3200 "Writers for Europe" (advertisement)
  4 Jun 1975 pp 5 of "The Guardian" - advertisement placed in support of Britain in Europe Campaign. A listing of a committee of 16, and more than 180 other authors who "consider Britain should stay in Europe" and urging a YES vote in the referendum on 5 Jun 1975
J3300 "Terror in Arkansas" (article about NMM)
  1979 pp ?? of Mean Things Happening in This Land ed. H L Mitchell) pub. USA,Montclair (NJ): Allanheld Osmun & Co - HB
Account of meeting by author with NMM, Zita Baker and Jennie Lee in Feb 1935
Information of this is from a cutting from an early proof of the book
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J3500 "Writer, 82, Gives Counsel" (article about NMM)
  15 Mar 1980 pp 1 of "The Times of Zambia"
Illustration: Photograph accompanies this news item
J3600 "I Had To Get Rid of Those Ladylike Ways" (article about NMM)
  ?? Nov 1980 pp ??? of "Hindustan Times"
J3800 "Naomi Mitchison: Great Grandmother" (article by A Scott)
  Feb 1982 pp 15-19 of "Scottish Review" (#25)
J4000 "Excelling at Eighty" (article about NMM)
  Jan 1983 pp 3-4 of "The Scottish Field" (v129.#970)
Profiles of NMM, Marion Lochhead, Lord Hume and Lord Shinwell - The section on NMM is subtitled "Author and Farmer"
Illustration: Photograph
J4100 "Scottish Radical" (article by Jonathan Mirsky)
  13 May 1983 pp 13 of "New Statesman" (v105.#2721)
J4400 "A Tribute to Naomi Mitchison - Who celebrated her 90th birthday in November." (article by Beth Dickson)
  Win 1987 pp 1-2 of "Books in Scotland" (#26)
Illustration: Photograph
J4500 "Birthdays" (short article by C.P.D.)
  1 Nov 1988 p39 of "The Guardian" . NMM's birthday is often included in the usual listings in the press, but in this case (noting her 91st birthday) there is a short article describing her life & work - calling her a "polybiblioprogenitor and tribal mother"
A letter from Michael Smith was printed on p22 of "The Guardian" of 4 Nov 1988 suggested that the correct term was "polybiblioprogenetrix" adding that this was "an even longer word to show off with".
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J4700 "A Pioneering Feminist Visionary" (article)
  13 Sep 1990 pp 30 of "The daily Express" - includes a photograph of NMM with her mother.
Ostensibly a review of Jill Benton's biography (see H1800), but more about NMM.
J4800 "Space Odysseys" (book review/article about NMM by Sophia Sackville-West)
  6 Jan 1991 pp 4 of "The Sunday Times - Section 6"
A book review of A Girl Must Live which includes much biographical infomation, illustrated by a photograph of NMM.
J5200 "Burn the Dead Donkey" (article by Jenni Calder)
  16 Dec 1994 pp 57-58 of "New Statesman & Society" (v7.#333)
Details NMM's involvement with rural development in Botswana.
J5350 "Naomi Mitchison - Publicist Extraordinary" (article by Sandy Grant)
  4 Oct 1995 pp ?? of "Mmegi" - a Botswana newspatper (Mmegi translates from Setswana as Reporter)
  1998 pp ?? of Etcetera: A Wide Ranging Selection of Perspective, Critical Essays Which Appeared in the Botswana Press, 1991-1997 (by Sandy Grant) pub. BOTSWANA, Odi: Leitlho Publications - 252pp
J5500 "Fullness of the Ninth Life" (article by Leslie Duncan)
  19 Jul 1997 pp ?? of "The Glasgow Herald"
J5600 "The Woman Who Decided Communism was Sharing Ideals and Bodies" (article by Anne de Courcy)
  2 Aug 1997 pp 36 of "The Daily Mail"
J5690 "Adopted Tribal Mother" (article by ?????)
  23 Aug 1997 pp ? of "The Daily Telegraph"
J5700 "When Britain was Good for Breeding" (article by Andrew Brown)
  31 Aug 1997 pp 6 of "The Sunday Times - Section 2"
An article on eugenics and much mention is made of An Outline for Boys and Girls (see A0780).
Illustration: Photograph of NMM and of children playing.
J5800 "100 Years of Passion" (article by Magnus Linklater)
  31 Oct 1997 pp 19 of "The Times"
Illustration: 2 photographs of NMM
J5810 "Homage to Naomi" (article by Robert Oakeshott)
  1 Nov 1997 pp 45-47 of "The Spectator"
Ostensibly a review of Jenni Calder's book The Nine Lives of Naomi Mitchison (H1800) the article adds many personal memories of NMM.
J6100 "Naomi Mitchison at One Hundred" (article by Maroula Joannou)
  Dec 1998 pp 292-304 of "Women: A Cultural Review" (v9.#3)
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J6500 "Naomi Mitchison" (article by ????)
  12 Sep 2005 pp ? of "The Scotsman"
J6900 "Have You Overlooked - Naomi Mitchison?" (online article by Lyn McConchie)
  10 Jul 2012 Online article available here
J7000 "Our Heritage" (article by Sandy Grant)
  10 Dec 2013 pp 7 of "Mmegi" (v30.#184) - an article on NMM & Botswana, illustrated by a copy of the programme for her 100th Birthday celebration - see X8400.