Obituaries and Appreciations
K0050 "Among Us, Taking a Century's Notes" (obituary by Lena Jeger)
  13 Jan 1999 p 14 of "The Guardian" newspaper - Illustration: Photograph of NMM by Murdo Macleod.
p 20 of "The Guardian" on 14 Jan 1999 printed a correction to the attribution of the African figures in the photograph accompanying the obituary.
A letter from Dr Peter Rowland printed on p20 of "The Guardian" on 20 Jan 1999 bemoans the lack of any mention of Rationalism in the obituary.
K0100 "Cussed Boat-Rocker Who Cared Not a Jot" (appreciation by James Hamilton)
  29 Oct 2000 pp ?? of "The Sunday Herald" newspaper.
K0150 "Death of a Literary Great Unfettered by Society's Shackles" (obituary by Katrina Tweedie)
  12 Jan 1999 pp 29 of "The Daily Mail" newspaper
K0175 "The Distinctiveness of Scottish Literature" (lecture by Prof. Douglas Dunn)
  1 Nov 1999 Lecture delivered at St. Anne's College, Oxford "in commemoration on Naomi Mitchison".
K0200 "The High Society Rebel who Lived Only foe Love" (article by Anne de Courcy)
  12 Jan 1999 pp 28 of "The Daily Mail" newspaper
K0250 "The Late Naomi Mitchison - as Remembered by the World's Press" (compilation by Sophie Harrison)
  17 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The Independent on Sunday" newspaper
Note: A compilation of snippets from various papers - including "The St Louis Post Dispatch".
K0350 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary)
  13 Jan 1999 pp?? in "The Daily Telegraph" newspaper
Illustration: Uncredited photograph of NMM.
K0400 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary by Elizabeth Longford)
  13 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The Independent" newspaper
K0450 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary by Jenni Calder)
  Jul 1999 pp 223-224 of "Journal of Gender Studies" (v8.#2)
K0500 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary)
  13 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "Los Angeles Times" newspaper
K0550 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary)
  13 Jan 1999 pp 21 of "The Times" newspaper
K0600 "Naomi Mitchison" (appreciation by ??)
  12 Sep 2005 pp ?? of "The Scotsman" newspaper
K0650 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary)
  13 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "St. Louis Post-Dispatch" newspaper
K0700 "Naomi Mitchison" (obituary)
  13 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The Straits Times" newspaper published in Singapore
K0750 "Naomi Mitchison - a Queen, a Saint and a Shaman" (appreciation by Neil Ascherton)
  17 Jan 1999 pp?? in "The Observer" newspaper
Illustration: Photograph of NMM by Jane Bown.
K0775 "Naomi Mitchison, 101, Scottish Feminist Writer" (obituary)
  12 Jan 1999   in "The Chicago Tribune" newspaper
K0800 "Naomi Mitchison (1897-1999): Obituary" (obituary by Shiela G Ray)
  Oct 1999 pp 25-26 of "Children's Books History Society Newsletter " (#65)
K0850 "Naomi Mitchison Dies Aged 101" (obituary by William Tinning)
  12 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The Herald" newspaper
K0900 "Naomi Mitchison Dies at 101: Author and Feminist Rebel" (obituary by Warren Hoge)
  16 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The New York Times" newspaper
Note: An article on 20 Jan 1999 in the same paper corrected several spelling mistakes in the original obituary.
K0950 "Naomi Mitchison's century of life and love, words and wisdom" (appreciation by ??)
  10 Sep 2005 pp ?? of "The Scotsman" newspaper
K1000 "Obituary" (obituary)
  Feb 1999 pp 72 of "Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field" (Issue #457)
K1050 "Prolific Voice of Tumultuous Era" (obituary)
  11 Feb 1999 pp 10 of "The Australian" - newspaper
K1100 "Writer with an Unquenchable Spirit for Life" (appreciation)
  12 Jan 1999 pp ?? of "The Scotsman" - newspaper article by Conal Urquhart