Interviews with NMM

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Where known, the date on the interview is given in preference to the date of publication.
L6230 "My Children . . . Such Wonderful People to Have as Friends" (interview/article by Rosalie Macrae)
  3 Apr 1962 pp 5 of "The Daily Express" - headlined as "Remarkable Mothers No.2: Naomi Mitchison"
Interview took place on part of a rail journey from Rotherham to Glasgow
L6410 "Tribal Advisor" (uncredited interview)
  20 Jan 1964 pp 13 of "The Times"
L6510 "Freedom-Fighter" (interview by Stephanie Nettell)
  Jan 1965 pp 14 & 16 of "Books and Bookmen" (v10.#4)
Note: An interview together with a review of When We Become Men (book A1040)
L6840 "Of Course I Had to Rebel ..." (interview by Ellen Grehan)
  13 May 1968 pp ?? of "Scottish Daily Record" in the "Frankly Speaking" column - Illustrated with photograph of NMM
L6870 "Scots Tribal Mother" (interview)
  Oct 1968 pp ??-?? of "Nova" (v??.#??) - Illustrated with photograph of NMM
L6890 "Tribal Mum Naomi Ran a Birth Control Clinic Under a Bush" (interview by William Foster)
  22 Nov 1968 pp ?? of "Watford Evening Echo" - a Hertfordshire newspaper. Includes a thumbnail photograph of NMM
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L7820 "Always be Ready to Pack a Suitcase" (interview by Gwen Cunningham)
  Feb/Mar 1978 pp 8 of the 12 Apr 1978 issue of "The Australian Women's Weekly" . The interview was conducted in Adelaide at about the time of the 1978 Adelaide Festival where NMM gave a reading - see V7820.
L7825 "The Incredible, the Invincible Naomi" (biography/interview by Freda Irvin9)
  12 Mar 1978 pp 80 of the 12 Mar 1978 issue of "The Sydney Morning Herald" -  Illustrated with a photograph of NMM
L7910 "Naomi Mitchison - Self-Interview" (interview)
  1979 pp 37-51 of "Studies in Scottish Literature" (#14)
- now available online for free download here
L7920 "No easy way" (interview by Suzanne Lowry)
  25 Feb 1979 pp 40 of "The Observer"
L7950 "The Lady is a Rebel" (interview with Janet Watts)
  1 Jul 1979 pp 56-61 of "The Observer - Colour Supplement"
Illustration: Photographs by Richard Farley
L7955 "Talking to the Grand Old Lady of Kintyre" (interview by Avril Groom)
  5 Jul 1979 pp 17 of "The Daily Telegraph"
L7960 "Rosemary Long Talks to Naomi Mitchison" (interview)
  16 Jul 1979 pp 6 of "Evening Times" - Illustrated with photograph of NMM
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L8050 "Interview with Russell Harty" (interview)
Info from Radio Times - 19 Jun 1980 - ?? article as well as programme
L8140 "The Greatest Health-bringer of All" (interview by Simon Berry)
  22 May 1981 pp 21 of "The Times Education Supplement Scotland"
Illustration: Photograph by Antonia Reeve
L8260 " 'We had dances on board with some of the crew . . .' " (interview by Mary Russell)
  26 Aug 1982 pp 15 of "The Guardian"
L8450 "How can I, being a woman, write all that down ?" (interview by Leonie Caldecott)
  12 Jul 1984 pp 14-15 & 22 of "The Listener" (v112.#2866)
Interview subtitled "Women of Our Century: Naomi Mitchison" and follows on from BBC 2 programme on Fri 6 Jul 1984 - see T6350
  1984 pp 11-?? of Women of Our Century (ed. Leonie Caldecott) pub. ENGLAND, London: BBC Ariel Books - pb - 144pp. This is a book of collected BBC interviews.
L8770 "A Life With Nothing Left Out" (interview)
  Oct 1987 pp 6-8 of "The Scotsman Magazine - Colour Supplement" (v8.#7)
Illustration: Liberally illustrated with photos.
Notes: Magazine cover has photo and caption "Naomi at Ninety"
L8850 "Naomi Mitchison talking with Alison Hennegan" (interview)
  1988 pp 169-180 of Writing Lives: Conversations Between Women Writers (ed. Mary Chamberlain) pub. ENGLAND, London: Virago - pb
L8940 "Taliesin's Successors: Interviews with Authors of Modern Arthurian Literature" (interview by Raymond H Thompson)
  15 Apr 1989 no print version - available online here
Note: This is one of several interviews available on this site. The interview was conducted at Carradale.
L8960 "A Life in the Day of Naomi Mitchison" (self-interview, edited by Catherine Macleod)
  23 Jul 1989 pp 66 of "The Sunday Times - Colour Supplement"
Illustration: Photo by David Lavender
The first line of this interview, "Dying is quite the most interesting event that is going to happen to me now" became an entry in the "Quote Me" section of "The Times" on 26 July 1989.
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L9790 "Tale of the Century" (article by Melanie McFadyean)
  17 Nov 1997 pp B8 of "The Guardian" including a photograph of NMM by Melanie McFadyean
This article is an amalgamation of interviews with 3 female centenarians, one being NMM.
L0260 "Naomi Mitchison Interview" (interview by Isobel Murray)
  Aug 2002 pp 67-110 of Scottish Writers Talking 2: In Interview (ed. Isobel Murray) pub. SCOTLAND, East Linton: Tuckwell Press - pb - 192pp - 9.99
Note: This is an amalgamation of several interviews over several years.